Cleaning a Pinlock visor?

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24/08/2004 at 21:36
Hi all,

I've had a Shoei visor with Pinlock for a while now, and it has always been fantastic. No misting.

However, it seems over time gunk and stuff has built up on the inside, resulting in starring at night.

How do I go about removing the Pinlock and performing this cleaning? The visor was supplied fitted with it, so I don't have a magic toolkit or anything...
24/08/2004 at 21:47
the pinlock visor guidelines state daytime use only, so careful fella.
I would try to use something pretty soft at cleaning, just soap & water without scrubbing. or maybe a gel that you can spray off with water.
24/08/2004 at 21:58
Aye, I know about the guidelines. But the Pinlock has just been just perfect at night until recently. I think its ended up with water stains between the main visor and the Pinlock one, so obviously I need to get the Pinlock off in order to sort that out...
24/08/2004 at 22:26
Take visor off, Lay face down on a cloth / towel on the table.

Flatten the visor with a hand at each end. (THE VISOR IS VERY FLEXIBLE & AND TAKES A HELL OF A LOT TO BREAK) When the visor is almost flat, you will be able to stick a finger under the lip of the pinlock insert. Bend out insert from pins. wash with soap & water. shake off excess water, and leave to dry naturally overnight - pinlock insert has a strange sticky coating that doesn't take kindly to being dried with paper towel.

when reassembling make sure the seal is good between the insert and visor. (turning the pin cams if necessary)

sounds tricky but is actually a piece of piss after the first go. the key is not to be afraid of breaking your visor when flattening it out for removal

24/08/2004 at 22:41
FunkyUK wrote

sounds tricky but is actually a piece of piss after the first go. the key is not to be afraid of breaking your visor when flattening it out for removal


It's a horrible sensation when you do it though isn't it... you're convinced the visor can't survive...

I found it easier after I warmed the visor up a bit to make it more flexible... ie run it under the hot tap for a while, or stick it in your airing cupboard.

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25/08/2004 at 08:22
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25/08/2004 at 08:57
Bend the visor flat? EEEEEEK.

I might be too scared to attempt this

Can all this be done with just your hands - no weird tools required?
25/08/2004 at 09:02

just your hands
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