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18/07/2011 at 18:57
Looking at buying a honda CBF 125 for my first bike.
What are peoples views on the bike?
Pros and cons please????

Cheers, Jamie
18/07/2011 at 22:19

My lad's got one and he loves it. Nice and easy (for me) to service too. Flasher relay packed up early on but a replacement from VWP in Ilkeston was about a fiver and a straight fit.

 Can't give you any mpg or speed figures (he's out) but seems like a cracking first bike.

19/07/2011 at 00:41
Cheers, have read all the reviews and seems like a fairly straight little runner
Just wondering if there were any negatives to be mentioned at all by someone who has had one for a bit?
25/07/2011 at 08:17
Yeah there are a few it's not my bike btw but my next door neibor always let's me take it out he is a tad old and just likes to see it get ridden anyway yeah there is 1 bad thing which I have noticed after maybe 1.5k miles it has a tonne of false nutrals to slip into and also I know for a fact that the electrics always fault bearing in mind the bike is in imaculate condition and is very well locked after but none the less it could be bike specific tbh every bike is different and has it's own personalty so I'd say buy it if it is your first bike that way if it is your first bike you can have some Gd experience with fixing it up/ ridding to best of luck
07/05/2012 at 10:56
Honda claim that the CBF 125 is a replacement for the old CG 125. Having had a CG I can say that they are bullet proof. If the CBF is the same then I will be well pleased.
07/05/2012 at 13:31
Hey dude, I've had my CBF 125 for just over a year now after doing my CBT so I'll give you my opinion.

For a first bike this thing is perfect, it's reliable (never had any engine problems) and easy to handle. It gets to around 60mph easily and can go up to 65-70mph at a push (with a slight tailwind and downhill of course ) so it's fine for riding on dual carriageways and main roads. I can't give you a figure for fuel economy but I can say it's high, I fill it up for around 15 quid and can go well over 150 miles before I need to think about refuelling. That's a rough estimate, I've never actually measured the distance between fill ups because it has a fuel gauge. I recall seeing a figure around 100-120 MGP though.

For thrashing it round bends it's a good beginner bike too, the fact it doesn't do much above 60 means you aren't going to get a fine during a ride around North Yorkshire easily and won't be going too fast to injure yourself if you mess up. A few weeks ago I messed up a little round a bend but the bike is so light it was easy to get up and stop safely on.

With a bit of love it could last forever, I bought a chain and sprocket set for mine last week for around 40 quid which ain't bad and it was fitted relatively easily.

Of course, a bike as cheap and cheerful as this does have some downfalls, mainly the chroming on certain parts. I don't have a car so used my CBF through winter and it suffered a bit from the salt on the roads. Even with weekly washes it was difficult to stay on top of the rust. This thing rusts like hell without proper care. I wash it regularly though so it hasn't been too much of a problem for me. To be honest that's the only problem I've had.

The tyres are plastic so pretty durable, 7500 miles and no signs of wear at all yet! The seat is mega comfy for long journeys and is low down for a small dude like myself to ride easily but allows comfort to bigger folk too.

I've carried loads on the back before, loaded it with drum equipment for gigs and camping stuff for a weekend a few weeks ago and it stays steady and still gets up to speed just as easily. It carries a pillion comfortably (I've sat pillion before and it's as comfy as being on a bigger bike) so you have that option too.

Got my mod 2 test tomorrow so will be getting a 250 or restricted 400 soon if I pass so might be selling it. If I do I can message you before I list it to see if you're still looking.

Oh and one last thing, the insurance is dirt cheap. The guy I bought it from (in his late thirties I'd guess) paid 70 quid for his insurance. Mine was 495 quid for my first year and is 350 quid this year. I'm 18 so that's pretty cheap!

As I said before, with a little love and careful riding CBF 125s are awesome!
08/05/2012 at 01:19


Can't give you any mpg or speed figures (he's out) but seems like a cracking first bike.

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