Caption That: SP1 Slide

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Caption That: SP1 Slide

If Edwards can save the slide, so can i

Is this the Long way round vid

next time the sponsor can put his logo on the SIDE of the f###ing bellypan !!!!

One skid mark you can see, one skid mark you can't...

This speedway is a piece of piss

Do you think they will accept this as my entry into the world drift championship

Just slide like this to make that arshole tailgating you in his 4x4 back off a little

Thick american "I wonder what this little lever does on the right foot?"

practicing for the new bike version of Fast and Furious tokoyo drift

Should I let go now or join the nice people in the Grandstand bar?

"Backing it in was going well until I ran out of talent mid-corner"

Which bastard turned off me traction control???

Uh ooh!!

Sam Warren soon realised that supermoto and road racing wernt quite so similar

That got rid of the blue flashing light!

Last time I let someone use my bike to practise counter-stearing!

Simply circles the bones about to break for your chance to win a prize.

and I still look cool!

so the emergency stop didn't go very well then!!

yep i got it,  yep, be brave hold the throttle, yep, i can still save it yep. OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH

So that's why you never Armor-All your tires.

Jim demonstrates how easy it is to get his arse down

"can you see what it is yet?" said rolf harris

If you think that's impressive, you should see the size of the skidmark in my underpants!! OH F#@%!!!

that will teach me to ride when the canvas is showing...

How did Xaus do this one handed...??

SP1 to NASA... Permission to be highsided into orbit please...

Davevmax's wish to be back on the grass, was about to come true

I like it deeep baby!!!

If this doesn't come around...!!!! I'm going to rally driving, f*&k it!!!

Pants down!

Bob wasn't impressed with the test ride; he couldn't get the SP1 to hold a tight line

Damn, wrong way!  Just one quick u'ey and I'll catch up to the pack in no time!

I don't know what Rossi was on about, these Bridgestones are shit!!!

Looks like I'm gonna be joinin' Lorenzo in the 'High-sider's Club'!

"I am Gary McCoy. I aamm Gary McCoy! I AM GARY McCOY!!!"

Whhhoooooooa there big boy!


Well!! Those new tires are shite. Lets see if the new frame sliders are any better!!

Bob hoped his tyres would hold so he would make the right line round this bend eventually!! so others can follow

now class, when backing it in this much, make sure you have a fresh knee puck, cause there won't be any left by the time you hammer out of the corner!

who's nicked me sidecar

Dave decided he should re-read the countersteering section of the riding manual . . .


Nicky Hayden showed me this fast line down the Corkscrew at Laguna!

Rob's transition from speedway to supersport still needed a little bit of work?

Don`t worry mother, just tap me on the shoulder if you think I`m going too fast.


User 84429 wrote (see)

Don`t worry mother, just tap me on the shoulder if you think I`m going to fast.

Yep - that does it for me .....

thats the last time I use project gotham racing as practice. bloody XBOX

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