BMW C1 rider looses court case.

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BMW C1 rider looses court case.

Point and stare at any helmet-less C1 riders as they ride illegally! I've just heard that Peter Parker (and all the other helmet-less C1 riders) have just lost their appeal in the High Court.

Briefly - he won a case in Bedford magistrates last year but the CPS appealed the decision and the case was being heard in the High Court today.

He lost.

Thought an update was due after all these years......I am still driving the C1 lidless and still without any successful prosecutions Sorry to you here who were gloating when I lost in the High Court but, evidently, it seems you did not take the time to understand what the implications of that "loss" were. In short, snce the High Court decision I have been to court to answer to 5, yes 5, prosecutions that all ended with words to the effect of "Mr Parker we have found you guilty of the offence. However, under the circumstances and in consideration of the submitted grounds for mitigation, you are hereby given an absolute discharge without fine or costs awarded against you.Cold weather approaching so its on with the heated seat and heated grips, comfortable behind my protective screen ......... now 9 years of lidless two wheeled enjoyment Most police offices simply smile at me and some even wave these days Seems nobody actually won or lost in the legal stakes but the fact remains that i am still driving lidless as I wish to Luverly jubberly PP

what a fantastic way to revive a dead topic.Pat on the back from me pal...and well done for giving the man the finger and again and again and again, brilliant

yeah, well done mate.On a slightly (only slightly mind) related topic... . . can you slam the front brakes on so hard it endo's ont it's roof and then back onto it's wheels?That'd be cool

TongPo wrote (see)

yeah, well done mate.On a slightly (only slightly mind) related topic... . . can you slam the front brakes on so hard it endo's ont it's roof and then back onto it's wheels?That'd be cool<a href="javascriptLIDES.goto_slide(26)"></a>There you go

Good for you ... keep sticking it to the man

Message for Peter Parker please contact me if you get this message.I have purchased a C1 recently and pulled by the police on one occasion up to now.  i showed him the Bedford magistrates decision in not prosecuting you and therefore i didnt need to wear an helmet.The officer allowed me on my way but commented another officer might not.I fully expect to be prosecuted at some point but like you i am determined to stand my ground not just on your reasons but also religious discrimination.I would be grateful if you could contact me as i would like your full mitigation circumstances you defended your case with so i can do the email is ALANTRNR9@AOL.COM OR TEL 07974601838. I look forward to talking to you asap.kind regardsAlan.   BMW C1 FAN

Oi you lot! Stop the slagging. I've just bought one of these. But it will need fixing, probably a new engine. I fully intend to drive it lidless. Regards Karl

Is this thing on

Hello, I've just started riding a C1 and was thinking of all the possibilities of lidless or a bike helmet. Then I realised a ski helmet is the best option because it is almost weightless with perfect all round vision and if you think about it any extra padding around your head would be a good thing. Please even on a C1 being lidless is wrong and having a full face / open face (1000+ grams) helmet is also wrong. Get a ski helmet and it's like only wearing a hat and you don't have to go to court. If you do I bet you would win this time easy IMO. 07986 066411

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