Bike mags....what the point?

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Bike mags....what the point?

Just exactly what is the point of bike mags when the info they give is so generic / misleading / plain wrong ? (delete as appropriate!)

 Was just out xmas shopping with the missus but got bored so went for a read in Smiths....
(must have been up to 20 other hubbies doing the same!)

As the proud owner of a Benelli, i spotted  the unusual sight of a Tornado on the cover of Ride magazine so took a look, hoping to see a proper review...but no.. just a few lines about it under the banner of value for money bikes.
Whilst it is certainly that, (and they did recognise the decent handling/performance) what little else they did write was quite misleading, mentioning "known cooling problems due to the underseat rad" and electrical problems indicated by eratic clocks.
What a load of b****

These bikes, especially early models(as mine is) do have the odd issue, those mentioned are not generally amongst them. The article completely fails to mention the items that really must be checked, ie the clutch baskets and z25 gears (both were uprated on later bikes, and early bikes need the newer parts)

What is it with these journos? are they just so lazy they pick up on a few generic comments (oh its italian so bound to have electrical issues)? why dont they do their research and ask those in the know, ie the owners.

Certainly Benelli, as with most bikes today, has a very active and informed internet forum (
A two line email on there would have provided them with all the pros an cons of Benelli ownership, rather than repeating misleading comments from ill-informed others.

No wonder most mags circulations are dropping if this is the std of their journalism.

Bike magazine is little better, suggesting in their review section that you would have to be a "swivel eyed lunatic" to want a Tornado...

Well, swivel eyed or not, (no comment re lunatic) i happen to rather like mine.... it would just be nice to see a properly researched and written article in the press for once.
Merry Christmas

All "mainstream" bike rags are too obsessed with proving that they can really (honestly) tell the difference on the 1 atom or 1 bhp change on the latest whizzbang. Hate Bike's back of issue review section for slating everything for not matching up to the S1000/R1/Blade/etc, as if they should all be judged on the same criteria. How can you say that a Harley Fatboy is only 2 stars good at what it is trying to do, and a CBF600 only 3 stars good at what it is trying to do just because they won't outlap a GSXR. In the last edition I bought (some time ago now) only the Blade was deemed worthy of 5 stars; so nothing matches up to this "perfect" bike, huh?Now, I only buy less mainstream titles that review the types of bike I like in light of what those bikes are supposed to be like. I like custom and cruiser bikes primarily so BSH and American V are on subscription. I sometimes ride off road, so TBM is an irregluar purchase. Of the mainstream titles, I find Motorcycle Sport and Leisure by far the best. I also like 70s bikes so Classic Bike type titles get bought if there is a specific article I want to read (too much tech otherwise for me though).

Yup, concur with much of that. I have drasticaly reduced my buying of mags and will now only get odd issues with articles of specific interest, though even those are often laughable in the analysis. Thing is, the more experienced among us may recognise the poor quality of info on hand, no doubt many new riders will take much of what they read at face value, as if written by experts. (which, quite evidently, many are not)

As a biker returning to the fold after a 26 year break, I bought every mag looking for a spiritual successor to Which Bike - bought without fail in the 80's and hilarious, informative and entertaining in equal measure.I failed to find such a beast and finally settled on Bike as the mag with the least boasting of lean angles and top speeds and the most intelligence in the writing. I buy an occasional Superbike but to be honest I rarely find any exclusive features in any mag on the shelf.

very interesting information, thanks

The only one i buy now is practical sportbike magazine, but that really depends on what type of bikes your into whether or not you will like the magazine. If you dont know already it reviews all the bikes from the 70's, 80's and 90's, also each month they give excellent tips on maintaining and rebuilding the bikes or certain parts. They also give you the readers rebuild stories as do many other mags.

I ride a 1992 cbr 600 supersport so this magazine has been helpful to me on more than one occasion and feeds my interest in old sports bikes, if this is the sort of thing you into then you will not be disappointed, if your only interested in the latest and fastest then it is of no interest to you what so ever!

Bike mags - What's the point? . . . In your case mate it's a free  read  in a warm place!Buy it & you can criticise all you like.

Have trialed Practical Sportsbikes - dull name, good read.MCN lost some of its Kudos for me when they started inviting reader-led stories. Taking inspiration from what a reader has spoteed was fine, but gradually, main content has become mixed with reviews from people with limited bike experience; there is also stuff taken from overseas publications that doesn't always fit with the brit-biker style mindset.

Utterly fascinating thread...

It is indeed a good information.

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