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08/12/2001 at 12:44
Bamm-Bamm wrote

So come on bed, spill the beans - I assume the hot date with the insurance chick was last night......share the details mate - I will keep them to myself, honest. You just click on that Reply button over there.....

It's a bit pointless asking the bed, I would have thought
08/12/2001 at 12:45
Never mind that, did Tank ever have any luck wiv that blonde chick???????????
08/12/2001 at 17:20
bet she took one look at his fecked bikes and refused to back him or even give him a blowjob fearing dental problems
08/12/2001 at 17:23

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09/12/2001 at 00:27
So what happend then???

Any stories?
09/12/2001 at 02:36
You lot are worse gossips than your average female!

Let the lad alone!

:stern mother-type face:





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09/12/2001 at 21:39
get with it Bamm Bamm, it hasn't happened yet
unless u r a fortune teller & know whats gonna happen?!?!

Oi, stop looking at my arse
09/12/2001 at 22:25
Bamm-Bamm wrote

ahhh, it was not Friday night? Click..... so this means I am a dozy twat?!?!

You're a dozy twat, Friday or not.

11/12/2001 at 16:37

She blew you out


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