50 ways to stay alive on a bike pt1

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50 ways to stay alive on a bike pt1

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1. Assume you're invisibleBecause to a lot of drivers, you are. Never make a move based on the assumption that another driver sees you, even if you've just made eye contact. Bikes don't always register in the four-wheel mind.2. Be considerateThe consequences of strafing the jerk du jour or cutting him off start out bad and get worse. Pretend it was your grandma and think again.3. Dress for the crash, not the pool or the promSure, McDonalds is a 5-minute trip, but nobody plans to eat pavement. Modern mesh gear means 100-degree heat is no excuse for a T-shirt and shorts.4. Hope for the best, prepare for the worstAssume that car across the intersection will turn across your bow when the light goes green, with or without a turn signal.5. Leave your ego at homeThe only people who really care if you were faster on the freeway will be the cop and the judge.6. Pay attentionYes, there is a half-naked girl on the pavement. That shock does feels squishy. Meanwhile, you could be drifting toward Big Trouble. Focus.7. Mirrors only show you part of the pictureNever change direction without turning your head to make sure the coast really is clear.8. Be patientAlways take another second or three before you pull out to pass, ride away from a curb or into motorway traffic from a slip road. It's what you don't see that gets you. That extra look could save your butt.9. Watch your closing speedPassing cars at twice their speed or changing lanes to shoot past a row of stopped cars is just asking for trouble.10. Beware the verge and the mergeA lot of nasty surprises end up on the sides of the road: empty McDonald's bags, nails, TV antennas, ladders, you name it. Watch for potentially troublesome debris on both sides of the road.11. Right-turning cars remain a leading killer of motorcyclistsDon't assume someone will wait for you to dart through the intersection. They're trying to beat the light, too.12. Beware of cars running traffic lightsThe first few seconds after a signal light changes are the most perilous. Look both ways before barging into an intersection.13. Check your mirrorsDo it every time you change lanes, slow down or stop. Be ready to move if another vehicle is about to occupy the space you'd planned to use.14. Mind the gapOne second's worth of distance per 10 mph is the old rule of thumb. Better still, scan the next 12 seconds ahead for potential trouble.15. Beware of tuned carsThey're quick and their drivers tend to be aggressive. Don't assume you've beaten one away from a light or outpaced it in traffic and change lanes without looking. You could end up as a Nissan hood ornament.16. Excessive entrance speed hurtsIt's the leading cause of single-bike accidents on twisty roads and racetracks. In Slow, Out Fast is the old adage, and it still works. Dialing up corner speed is safer than scrubbing it off

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now try post the 50 on one post smart arse


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