Guy goes into a bar

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17/05/2001 at 21:38
and sees a bloke down a couple of vodkas walk over to an open window on the fifth floor, stagger and fall out. This guy rushes over and sees this bloke fall straight to the ground but just before he hits the pavement he suddenly gently blows to one side and lands safely on his feet. Five minutes later this bloke comes out of the lift walks to the bar orders another drink and does the same thing again. Five minutes later, back out the lift he comes. 'Wait a minute!' says the first guy. 'How come you aren't hitting the floor below?'
'Oh, there's a really good gust of wind down there. It's always at that spot, it never fails. Why don't you try it?'
A few drinks later and the bloke gives it a go. Steps out the window hurtles to the ground and impacts with the pavement killing him instantly. The second bloke sits back down at the bar and the bartender says to him. 'You know you're a right bastard when you're drunk superman'. :smoke:

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