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Leaving the pub one dark autumn night the young and innocent boy decided to take the shortcut from the pub to his home via the footpath at the back of the church, it was a cloudy night but the moon was making the path just visible shining through the canopy of trees that had lost about fifty percent of their foliage,he was alerted by a rustling sound behind him but as he turned a blow to the back of the head sent him reeling into a large oak, by the time he had regained his senses he found himself tied tightly to the tree face first with his bare arse exposed to the world he was beaten and shagged senseless,butt naked and sore,scared shitless and unable to see anything but the knurled tree bark,all night the noise of the wild life had terrified him. At daybreak he was aware of footsteps approaching as they got quite close he was aware of the soft voice of the local pastor "MY word" the pastor uttered, the boy replied thank god pastor, I have been knocked senseless beaten and raped, then the boy heard the sound of a zipp followed by the words "Huh ,not your day is it sonny"

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