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 Come and see real road racing live, only feet from the action and theres mass starts not one at a time like iom  the season has just started so why not come for a weekend ??


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24 year old ex ISB Champion McCormack fresh from four victories from four starts in the inaugural round of the Mondello Park Championships, set off on the TAG Racing Honda CBR1000RR Superstocker, opting to leave the Superbike in the paddock as he strove to learn the circuit.

Ireland’s fastest coalman set a quickest personal lap time of 107mph from a standing start on lap three to finish his first session on a high. McCormack now has Tuesday’s second solo session to look forward to as he bids to gain further knowledge and improve on his lap times.

McCormack “After the first lap I nearly wanted to go home, but on the second lap I started learning the circuit and got into a bit of a rhythm. At the end of lap two I came in for a pit stop and we figured we were running short on time so added enough fuel for one lap and after a good stop I set a lap of 107mph but had we known we had the time I reckon I could have done a 110mph. 


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A pleasant, dry and sunny day on the Island meant that the 2010 Isle of Man TT Races were able to get underway on Monday and with near perfect conditions all around the Mountain Course, a near full session was completed. With wispy cloud gradually increasing as the day wore on, a slight breeze also helped keep flies to a minimum and, after a slight delay, the first machines were able to set off down Glencrutchery Road at 6.34pm.

Provisional Times:

Poker Stars Superbike TT
1 Ian Hutchinson (Padgetts Honda) - 128.302mph
2 Cameron Donald (Relentless by TAS Suzuki) - 127.274mph
3 John McGuinness (HM Plant Honda) - 127.090mph
4 Guy Martin (Wilson Craig Honda) - 127.056mph
5 Adrian Archibald (AMA Suzuki) - 127.056mph
6 Bruce Anstey (Relentless by TAS Suzuki) - 126.020mph

Monster Energy Supersport TT
1 Michael Dunlop (600 Street Sweep/Hardship Racing Yamaha) - 123.960mph
2 Guy Martin (600 Wilson Craig Honda) - 121.600mph
3 William Dunlop (600 CD Racing Yamaha) - 121.020mph
4 John McGuinness (600 Padgetts Honda) - 120.289mph
5 Paul Owen (600 #98 Club Yamaha) - 119.222mph
6 Ian Lougher (600 Blackhorse Kawasaki) - 118.799mph

Royal London 360? Superstock TT
1 Ryan Farquhar (1000 KMR Kawasaki) - 126.799mph
2 Michael Dunlop (1000 Hunts Motorcycles/Marlow Construction Honda) - 124.810mph
3 Guy Martin (1000 Wilson Craig Honda) - 124.582mph
4 John McGuinness (1000 Padgetts Honda) - 124.523mph
5 Ian Hutchinson (1000 Padgetts Honda) - 123.459mph
6 Conor Cummins (1000 McAdoo Kawasaki) - 123.456mph

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McGuiness States His Case with 130mph Lap http://www.paddockgossip.com/templates/rt_versatility_iii/images/pdf_button.png http://www.paddockgossip.com/templates/rt_versatility_iii/images/printButton.png http://www.paddockgossip.com/templates/rt_versatility_iii/images/emailButton.png

Gorgeous sun and blue sky met the competitors for Wednesday evening’s practice session and conditions were perfect for the third night of the 2010 Isle of Man TT Races.

Brian McCormack, Scott Wilson and Paul Shoesmith were all involved in an incident at Waterworks but were reported as OK, Jenny Tinmouth’s bike ended up in a hedge at Sulby Bridge, Takahiro Itami came off at Braddan Oak, Brendan Cretu at Nook and Steven McIlvenna at Governors Bridge but all were reported as OK. In the Carl Fenwick’s passenger Keir Pedley sustained leg injuries at Cruickshanks and was taken by airmed to hospital.
Provisional Times:
Poker Stars Superbike TT
1 John McGuinness (1000 HM Plant Honda) – 130.242mph
2 Ian Hutchinson (1000 Padgetts Honda) – 129.164mph
3 Guy Martin (1000 Wilson Craig Honda) – 129.145mph
4 Adrian Archibald (1000 AMA Racing Suzuki) – 128.618mph
5 Cameron Donald (1000 Relentless by TAS Suzuki) – 128.011mph
6 Keith Amor (1000 HM Plant Honda) – 127.925mph
Monster Energy Supersport TT
1 Michael Dunlop (600 Street Sweep/Hardship Racing Yamaha) – 125.087mph
2 Ian Hutchinson (600 Padgetts Honda) – 125.020mph
3 John McGuinness (600 Padgetts Honda) – 123.128mph
4 William Dunlop (600 CD Racing Yamaha) – 122.639mph
5 Conor Cummins (600 McAdoo Kawasaki) – 122.554mph
6 Adrian Archibald (600 AMA Racing Yamaha) – 122.300mph
Royal London 360? Superstock TT
1 Ryan Farquhar (1000 KMR Kawasaki) – 128.076mph
2 Keith Amor (1000 WA Corless/Jackson Racing BMW) – 127.525mph
3 Guy Martin (1000 Wilson Craig Honda) – 127.503mph
4 Ian Lougher (1000 Blackhorse Kawasaki) – 126.216mph
5 Cameron Donald (1000 Relentless by TAS Suzuki) – 126.012mph
6 Michael Rutter (1000 HM Plant Honda) – 125.495mph
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  TT Tough Times For Dunlop http://www.paddockgossip.com/templates/rt_versatility_iii/images/pdf_button.png http://www.paddockgossip.com/templates/rt_versatility_iii/images/printButton.png http://www.paddockgossip.com/templates/rt_versatility_iii/images/emailButton.png

William Dunlop ended Practice for the 2010 Isle of Man TT Races slightly bewildered with Dunlop having to revert to a standard spare engine for his Chris Dowds Supersport 600 machine, after Dunlop blew his Supersport engine during Wednesday nights practice.
An unstable Superbike has hampered his moves up the leader board, while his Superstock CD Racing Suzuki, is good enough for Dunlop to make it into the top ten, depending on whether or not the track conditions stay dry during race week.

William Dunlop: "Its been a very frustrating week, especially after the engine blew on the 600. The CD Racing R6 Yamaha was really flying and I think I was on for a 124mph lap when she called enough on the run over the mountain on my second lap during Wednesday practice. We got a spare engine into the bike, but it was soon clear that we where about 20mph down on speed through the Sulby speed trap, and that was with me ringing the neck of the bike. I managed to get a 123.621mph lap on her on Friday evening practice, but there is no way you could keep that up for four laps round here. We will just have to take it as it comes. As for Saturdays TT Superbike race, well I think a finish would be a good result, as we have experienced problems with the Superbike all week. Hopefully the weather will stay dry during race week, and we can all have a good race in all the class's, but like I said before, if its damp, I will not be riding over or above my capabilities".
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1st Ian Hutchinson

2nd Michael Dunlop

3rd Cameron Donald


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<!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->Great to see a Dunlop on the podium again



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 Ryan Farquhar secured a top ten finish in Saturday's opening Superbike TT race when he finished in 10th place on the MSS Colchester Kawasaki. The Dungannon ace had made further adjustments to the ZX-10R in preparation for the race and was able to set his fastest ever lap of the Mountain Course (in race conditions) on his way to yet another top ten result.

Image: Stephen Davison - Pacemaker Press International

After heavy mist in Douglas delayed the start of the race by three and a half hours, it eventually got underway at 3.30pm and Ryan was soon blasting his way down towards Bray Hill. Making good progress on the opening lap, a speed of 127.903mph saw him slot in to a solid eighth place, just over three seconds adrift of fifth place. On the second lap, Ryan was pushed back a place by regular sparring partner from the Irish roads Keith Amor, a position he maintained on lap three.

As the race wore on, the handling troubles that Ryan had suffered in practice returned and he was unable to run at the pace that he had done on the opening two laps and, by the end of lap 4, he had slipped back one more place to 10th. Nevertheless, another 126mph+ lap on the final circuit saw Ryan hold on to his position and he was able to pick up another silver replica for his efforts, also being the first Kawasaki rider home.

Speaking afterwards, Ryan said, "It's good to get a finish on the Superbike and although the bike wasn't handling as I would have liked, we brought the bike home. On the smooth sections of the course, the bike was spot-on but through the bumpy stuff it was a real handful and difficult work. I was hoping to finish in the top 8 but the changes we'd made to the bike didn't quite work out whilst I also caught a few backmarkers in the wrong places, which lost me a bit of time, and I had a huge moment on the first lap at the end of the Mountain Mile. I went through the corner on exactly the same line and at the same speed as normal but the front just tucked under and I was lucky to stay on - my eyes went about three times bigger than normal! When I went through there on the second lap, there was a huge black line from where I'd lost it but we held on and I was pleased to get to the finish. Monday will, hopefully, see me closer to the front so let's hope today's my worst result of the week."

Ryan has two races on Monday when he'll be riding his own KMR Kawasaki's in the 4-lap Superstock and Supersport races.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Go21aXxgW8s <!--IBF.ATTACHMENT_497549-->
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<a href="http://bikeracenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Farquhar-takes-brilliant-se.jpg" title="Farquhar takes brilliant second in Superstock TT" target="_blank"><img title="Farquhar takes brilliant second in Superstock TT" src="http://bikeracenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Farquhar-takes-brilliant-se-300x235.jpg" width="300" height="235" /></a>The KMR Kawasaki rider was also inside the old class lap record with a lap of 129.883mph, his best ever around the Mountain Course, and it now means he has taken 8 podiums in 8 years of racing around the Mountain Course.

Ryan got off to a flying start in the race and a superb opening lap of 129.848mph, just a whisker outside the lap record, saw him take 6.78s lead over fellow countryman Michael Dunlop, and he extended this gap on the second lap. An even better speed of 129.816mph saw him forge further clear, his advantage now up to 8.8s over new second placed man Ian Hutchinson. However, Hutchinson had a quicker pit stop and took over the lead but by the time they got to Glen Helen on the third lap, Ryan was back in the lead by 1.4s, a gap that he’d increased to 5.54s at the end of the lap.

Hutchinson, who had already won the opening two races of race week, was determined to complete his hat-trick and slowly, but surely, he began to eat into Ryan’s lead. By Ramsey Hairpin, two thirds of the way around the lap, Ryan found himself in second and now almost two seconds adrift. He rode harder, and faster, than ever before over the Mountain and although he reduced the deficit by half a second he fell agonisingly short by just 1.32s. A final lap of 129.883mph was his best ever around the 37 and 3/4 mile circuit and again inside the old lap record but Hutchinson’s lap of 130.741mph was enough to see him get the verdict.

Earlier in the day, Ryan had finished in 9th place in the first Supersport race, to make it three top ten finishes from three starts and he still has two more chances this week to add to his impressive TT record.

Speaking afterwards, a pleased Ryan said: “I’m happy with second and I gave it 110% all the way, that’s as good as I’ve ever ridden around here. I knew the Superstock race would give me my best chance this week but also knew that there would be 4-5 other riders who’d be in with a chance so I just rode as hard as I possibly could. I’m obviously a bit disappointed not to have won, having led for so long, but I caught a few backmarkers around the Cronk y Voddy section on the final lap and it cost me a bit of time. Take nothing away from Hutchy though, he’s been on the top of his game all week, so to be within 1.3seconds after 150miles of racing is no bad thing and I’ve got to say a big thank you to everyone who’s helped me especially Nick Morgan and Kawasaki UK and all my sponsors. Nick lent me an engine and we were up until 11.30pm last night but she never missed a beat and was absolutely flying. I’m well pleased with my lap times and with the runner up spot so it’s been a good day.”

“In the 600cc race, I rode as hard as I could and whilst we had the top end speed, it was just taking us slightly longer to get there but I had a good dice on the roads with Dan Kneen and enjoyed the last two laps. He was quicker than me in some places and vice versa and we got held up by yellow flags from Ballaugh until Kerromoar so I just brought the bike home for another top ten finish. Hopefully, we’ll be a bit higher up in Wednesday’s race.”

Ryan now has a day off before the second Supersport race takes place on Wednesday at 10.45am.

12/06/2010 at 18:58
Ryan Farquhar ended his 2010 Isle of Man TT campaign with a brilliant second place in Friday’s Senior race, the Blue Riband event of the fortnight.

<a href="http://bikeracenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Farquhar-ends-TT2010-with-b.jpg" title="Farquhar ends TT2010 with brilliant runner-up spot in Senior TT" target="_blank"><img title="Farquhar ends TT2010 with brilliant runner-up spot in Senior TT" src="http://bikeracenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Farquhar-ends-TT2010-with-b-300x286.jpg" width="300" height="286" /></a>The first attempt to run the race was stopped after an incident involving Guy Martin who, thankfully, wasn’t seriously injured, and Ryan had retired at Cronk y Voddy but with the race declared null and void, he was able to take part in the re-start and grabbed the opportunity with both hands to record his ninth TT podium finish.

It was a fuel pump problem that stopped Ryan in the first start but with the problem rectified, he was able to take his place on the line for the new, shortened, 4-lap race. A good start saw Ryan occupy fifth place at Glen Helen and he completed his opening lap at 129.613mph to hold onto the position, only 0.9s adrift of HM Plant Honda rider Keith Amor. On lap two, John McGuinness retired and Conor Cummins crashed, promoting him up to third although Cummins’ crash on the Mountain had delayed Ryan slightly, but the Manxman was, thankfully, reported to be conscious with arm and leg injuries.

As the riders went into their fourth and final lap, Ryan was comfortable in third, 18 seconds behind Amor now but almost 50 seconds clear of fourth placed rider Bruce Anstey. However, there was more drama in store when Amor coasted to a halt in the identical spot to McGuinness so Ryan was now in a superb second with three quarters of the final lap left to complete. A final lap of 128.970mph saw Ryan duly cross the line in second place behind 5-times winner Ian Hutchinson and the celebrations could begin.

Speaking afterwards, a delighted Ryan said; “This is absolutely brilliant and after sitting on the grass bank at the end of the Cronk y Voddy in the first part, to be sitting here now is unbelievable. The fuel pump had broken in the first race but the marshals let me ride the bike back and the boys in the team did a great job in fitting a new fuel pump and we were ready to go again. The changes we made to the bike in terms of slotting the Superbike engine into the Superstock chassis worked really well so I just rode as hard as I could throughout the race and I’m over the moon to finish 2nd.”

“I got gifted a couple of places but I’ve led races and broke down in the past so with second in the Superstock race and second again today, I’ve had a good TT and I’ve got to say a big thank you to Nick Morgan, Kawasaki, Dunlop and everyone who helps and supports me as I wouldn’t be sitting here today if it wasn’t for them. It was great to stand on the Senior TT podium and meet Moto GP star Jorge Lorenzo’s whilst it’s a good job I didn’t get stuck into a beer when I retired in the first start!”

Ryan now has a week break before his next race, the Bush Road Races, which take place on Saturday 19th June

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<!-- THE POST 499321 -->A well put together iom vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mp8h8K7Y7d0

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 Ryan Farquhar threatens boycot of national road races if hes not alloud to enter 450cc single  in 125cc , like Cookstown  100


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William Dunlop wins four race at Bush meeting

William Dunlop was in top form in the Bush road races
William Dunlop secured four victories and set three lap records in Saturday's Bush road races near Dungannon.

The Ballymoney rider won the Superbike, Supersport, 250/Supersport 400 and 125/450 races.

Dunlop set new lap and speed records in the Superbike, Supersport and 250/Supersport 400 classes.

Davy Morgan came in ahead of Dunlop in the Open race while John Burrows, who finished second in the Superbike event, won the Supertwins in record time.

Michael Pearson completed the podium places in the Superbikes and came second in the Supersport race followed by Burrows, who also came third in the Open race.

Dunlop won from Nigel Moore and Paul Robinson in the 125/450 race with Wayne Hamilton second and Davy Morgan third in the 250/Supersport 400 event.

Dunlop recorded a new best lap time of 2.11.66 and fastest speed of 90.445mph in the Superbikes.

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 Boycott - <!-- status icon and date --><!-- status icon and date -->20th Jun 10, 11:36 <!-- / status icon and date --><!-- message -->(quote)
Ryan Farquhar missed Saturday's Bush road races as the row over permission to ride his 450 single Kawasaki in the 125cc class rumbles on.
Farquhar has threatened to boycott the remainder of the Irish national road racing season over the issue.

77 77 77 77 77 77 77 77 77 77 77 77 77 77 77 77 77 77 77 77 77 77 77 7
He is going to race in the Republic of Ireland leg of the Irish National road races and Boycott the Irish National road races in Northern Ireland, Strange but true he was at the Bush races yesterday, his team mate was riding
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2010 Skerries 100

   <img title="loughshinny.jpg" src="http://www.visordown.com/forum/images/stories/loughshinny.jpg" width="600" height="149" />

This year we celebrate 65 years of the Skerries 100 Road Races. With just two weeks to go before we close the roads on Friday the 2nd July for the practice session of the 2010 Aon Bikecare Skerries 100 we are entering into our final preparation phase for the event.

Over the two weeks our Committee and specialist work groups will be working harder than ever putting in that final effort to complete the long list of tasks required too stage one of the best motorcycle road racing events in the World.

The 65th Skerries 100 promises to be a real crowd pleaser with a programme containing 11 races and a competitor list of over 150 riders including such greats as William and Michael Dunlop, Adrian Archibald, Davy Morgan, John Burrows the incredible Ryan Farquhar and Brian McCormack who is making a welcome return after his phenomenal appearance at Killalane last year. Scotsman Keith Amor will be making a return and will debut the new BMW 1000cc superbike at the event. The ever popular exciting style of Michael Dukopil will be on show again and our incredible home grown talent will be represented by riders such as Sean Leonard (Star of BBC NI Full Throttle), Andrew Farrell, David ‘Yomo’ Yeomans, Derek Costello, Damien & David Howard and many more.

Our volunteer work crews will be out on the circuit making it ready for one of the most exciting weekends in Fingal Counties calendar. They have a lot to do to prepare the circuit and the surrounding approach roads to ensure a safe and enjoyable weekend for racers and spectators.  The circuit construction teams will be out laying protective materials such as straw bales and air bags around the circuit, erecting crowd barriers, marking off prohibited areas, testing electronic and communication systems, cutting hedgerows and grass banking, preparing the paddock area and much much more.

Our celebrations begin on the evening of Thursday the 1st July with our ever popular ‘Classic Run’ around the village of Skerries, always a favourite with participants and the local villagers. Sign on begins at 7pm so be there early to register and grab your spot. This year prizes will be awarded for Best Japanese Bike, Best Vintage Bike, Best Veteran Bike and Best British Bike.

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Conor in good spirits after surgery <a href="http://www.paddockgossip.com/index2.php?option=com_content&do_pdf=1&id=1321" title="PDF" target="_blank">

</a> <a href="http://www.paddockgossip.com/index2.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1321&pop=1&page=0&Itemid=169" title="Print" target="_blank">

</a> <a href="http://www.paddockgossip.com/index2.php?option=com_content&task=emailform&id=1321&itemid=169" title="E-mail" target="_blank">

</a>   <img title="CONOR2010launch.jpg" src="http://www.visordown.com/forum/images/stories/CONOR2010launch.jpg" width="277" height="200" /> The Isle of Man TT’s fastest Manxman Conor Cummins is making ‘good progress’ following his high speed crash in the Senior Race during the 2010 event.
His team, McAdoo Kawasaki Racing, has issued a statement giving an update on the Ramsey rider’s recovery.
It said he had undergone an 11-hour operation on his back last week, surgery on the fractures to his upper left arm on Tuesday and had had work done on his injured left knee.
The statement added Cummins is in good spirits and wanted to thank supporters for their good wishes.
Cummins was challenging for the lead during the re-started Senior – which had been red-flagged following an incident involving Guy Martin – when he crashes heavily at the Verandah on the Mountain section. He was treated at the scene before being air-lifted to the Island’s Noble’s Hospital. Initial reports said Cummins had been conscious and talking at the scene, and had suffered injuries to his left arm, left leg and back.
The McAdoo statement said the racer spent a week in hospital in the Isle of Man before being moved to Royal Liverpool Hospital for specialist surgery. On Thursday of last week he underwent an 11 hour operation to fully repair the damage to his back, which the team said is now complete and nature itself will finish the job.
It added Cummins underwent another operation on Tuesday to repair the fractures in is upper left arm, which are not as badly damaged as first feared. In addition, some work was also done on his injured left knee, but this will require further surgery to fully repair the damage at a later date, the team said.
The statement added:
“All things considered, the big man is in good spirits and is keen to undergo all the necessary treatment in order to return to training as soon as possible.”“He’s hungry to regain full fitness and will have no problem in putting in the necessary hours in the gym with physio Isla Scott, who has been a real help to Conor over the past weeks.”“Many thanks again to all the people who sent cards and good wishes to Conor at this time - it is very much appreciated by Conrod, his family and the McAdoo Kawasaki teamp gossip
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Michael Dunlop returns at Skerries
By Stephen Davison -
TT & road races
30 June 2010

Michael Dunlop has denied persistent internet rumours that he missed last week?s Bush Irish national road races due to problems within the team and he?ll return to racing this weekend at Skerries.

At the TT Dunlop rode a Uel Duncan/Robinson Concrete Honda superbike and a Hunts Motorcycle Honda in superstock while Gary Ryan of Street Sweep provided his 600 ride as well as managing the team.

But after a great race week, with three podium finishes and becoming the fastest Irishman ever around the Mountain course with a 130.213 mph lap, Dunlop became the subject of persistent rumours after failing to appear at Bush in what should have been a celebratory comeback meeting for the Irish hero on home soil.

But Dunlop told MCN: ?The TT is almost three weeks away from home for everyone and we all needed to take a break (from racing), get our heads together and sort a few issues.?

He wouldn?t expand on what those issues were within the close-knit bunch of friends that form his team, but Dunlop added: ?Everything is sorted now and we ? all the team - will be at Skerries this weekend.?

One issue at the TT was certainly his demeanour. The 21-year old son of road racing legend Robert and nephew of Joey, was devastated when he failed to win a second TT to add to his 2009 Supersport success and his downbeat, not to mention sometimes downright negative attitude in the post-race press conferences, ruffled a few feathers.

?I maybe didn?t handle everything the best way after the races with the media,? he accepted, ?but I was totally gutted at not winning.

?I so much wanted to win, especially after that second Supersport race in the week when I broke the lap record on the last lap and was still beaten by Hutchy (Ian Hutchinson).?

The Ballymoney man finished second in that race on Thursday after coming in third in the first Supersport race on Monday and a runner-up spot in the Superbike TT on the opening Saturday of race week.

?Since I came home I?ve had time to think about it all and only now do I realise what I have achieved.

?I?m still only 21 but I?m giving most of the other top boys a lot of years and experience but I did a 128mph lap on a 600 and a few 130mph plus laps from a standing start on the big bike (in the first red-flagged Senior race) even though there?s no factory stuff on our bikes.

?I?m sorry if I upset any of the fans with some of the things that I said at the TT but all the lads are still with me and we?ll be back for another crack at it starting at Skerries this weekend.?
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Loughshinny Motorcycle Club Statement

    <img title="mylesbyrne.jpg" src="http://www.visordown.com/forum/images/stories/mylesbyrne.jpg" width="300" height="173" />

It is with great sadness and regret that the Loughshinny Motorcycle Club confirms the Rider who was fatally injured at yesterday’s Skerries 100 Road Race was Myles (Mylo) Byrne aged 36.   Myles, who was a popular road racer from Knocklyon, was taking part in the grand final when the tragic incident occurred.

The committee and members of the Loughshinny Motor Cycle Club extend their deepest sympathies to Myles family, and large circle of friends for their sad loss.  Myles was a hugely popular rider and will be greatly missed by all in the Road Racing community.        

Myles Byrne #32 R.I.P

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Scarbrough Results Results Results

Scarbough cock o the north
1000cc win
600cc win
450cc win
1000cc win
650cc win


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