Clutch noise in neutral

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Clutch noise in neutral

my 2001 RSVR has developed a very upsetting heavy knock/slap when in neutral with the clutch out. much worse at low revs. no slipping or other problems when in gear and or under load.

any ideas before i take it apart and find out i should have just ordered a new clutch?

Does the noise go when you pull the cluth in? if so its probably your relese bearing (IIRC i think its a comon thing )

not the bearing unfortunately. stripped it down today and it's far far worse. bolts holding basket have sheared off. whole thing has been loose and off balance, christ knows where the end of the bold i managed to get out is.anyone had this problem before?

Erm no, but my clutch does the same noisy in neutral thing.....I'm taking it off the road this may strip it down and replace it with a Barnett clutch!

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