aprilia rs 125 fork Q's

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06/01/2008 at 13:33
Sorry in advance if these are stupid questions.
just got a set of rs 125 usd forks with top & bottom yokes.
took the legs out of the yokes to clean them up and noticed that one leg compresses very easily and the other seems to have normal compression.
so the questions are-
1--is this normal
2--how much oil and what type should be in them
3--where can i get new seals from if i need them
4--how can i tell what year bike these came off(was told they are 2003)

06/01/2008 at 16:31
One leg has a spring, the other leg has the damping. Not conventional, but fine for little light bikes! Mitos have the same thing.

What are you intending to use them on? Best by a long way if it's something of a similar weight - around 125kg fuelled.
06/01/2008 at 16:58
Its normal
Amount of oil is in the manual so I'll check when I can find my manual
Any aprilia dealer will sell the seals, I normally use www.kickstartmotorcycles.uk.com/
blue fork caps 99-05, I don't think there's any difference in the forks between years anyway.

What are you intending to use them on? Best by a long way if it's something of a similar weight - around 125kg fuelled.

Wet weight is 139kg.
06/01/2008 at 18:35
Did I say fuelled? *ahem* meant wet. Err, dry. Err. Yup, yes I did.
06/01/2008 at 20:04
Thanks for the reply's
the fork tops are blue.
they are going into my rd350lc,not sure what the wet wieght is without looking in the haynes.
if it is a little heavier can i use diff fork oil?
if the forks were the same from 99-05 have they all got the same seals?
06/01/2008 at 20:06
had to post again to get past unlucky post 13 lol
06/01/2008 at 20:55
Physical measures
Weight incl. oil, gas, etc: 161.0 kg (354.9 pounds)

that's the first guessed site. Not a million miles off, but probably not ideal if you take a lot of pillions.
06/01/2008 at 21:41
blessmycg.sorry mate but dicn't understand your last post,can you explain it again?
you have to talk in capitals as i'm a bit speak and spell ha ha
06/01/2008 at 21:45
Sorry, just sticking my nose in on the strokers forum, I don't even own one

Saying the 350LC doesn't seem that much heavier than the 125, so the forks should be OK. But it is a little heavier, so might be an issue if you often have a passenger. Bet they'll still be a lot nicer than the originals though!
06/01/2008 at 22:29

Somebody else has done it with a rd250.

Workshop manual says 430 cu. cm per leg, doesn't say what type.
06/01/2008 at 23:17
hello mate dont know how much it costs but a lot of the race lads get them converted to air ive just had some serviced at yortech racing new seals and stiff oil for £60
08/01/2008 at 14:44
thanks for the info.
so 430 cubic thingys of oil.
is it as easy as undo the blue fork tops,take out the two halves of the washer type thing,lift out the metal disc and tip oil out.then add new oil and replace all the parts?
sorry for the lack of technical terminology
do i just use any fork oil?
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