BSB set to intensify in 2010 with new rule changes

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10/02/2010 at 21:31

The new regulations have been arrived at after careful consultation by MSV with both the BSB manufacturers and teams to gather all key opinions and were then submitted to the governing body, MCRCB, for approval.

Crescendo of Competition

The central concept of the new rule is that there should be a crescendo of competition towards the end of the championship to minimise the chances of anyone securing the title before the final event of the year.  It was also critical that the method of achieving this should be absolutely fair to all competitors and simple to understand.

A new format and points scoring system will virtually guarantee that the title will go down to the wire and create a new, thrilling spectacle for television and trackside audiences.

First the Main Season, then The Showdown!

The championship will be divided into two parts.  The first nine events form the Main Season, with the standard points scoring format of 25 for a win, then 20, 16, 13, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 awarded for each of the nineteen races from the nine events.

From their total points at the end of the Main Season, all riders then drop their two worst scores, which must be from events they have at least qualified for.

From this points order, the first six riders in the championship standings will be elevated to a new base level and become the Title Fighters for the final three events and seven races of the championship.

Each Title Fighter will start The Showdown with 500 points, plus additional points for each podium position they have obtained in the Main Season; 3 for a win, 2 for a second, and 1 for a third.  These are termed Podium Credits.  For example, a rider placed in the top six of the standings at the end of the Main Season who scored three wins, two seconds and a third would start The Showdown phase with 514 points.

The standard points scoring format from the Main Season then continues for The Showdown, with all points scores from the final seven races counting.

All riders outside of the Title Fighters continue to race for the BSB Riders' Cup, continuing to add to their points total from the end of the Main Season.  This also applies to the new BSB EVO class. 

10/02/2010 at 21:38

Confused I am...?

So if you finish 17 races on the podium then hurt your self in the 18th race you might not win the championship..

Bit unfair don't you think??

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