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29/02/2012 at 13:57
As a Sikh biker myself (minus the turban and beard), I wish I could be a member of this take on the Hells Angels.

Time to start up a group like this here is UK travelling around blasting out some bhangra beats through the Surrey villages! lol
02/03/2012 at 08:32
Balle Shera Chak de Phuttiye!!

As a UK Sikh Rider (not many of us) - this is brill. These guys are obviously Canadian. Most modern Bhangra videos have flash cars and guns... just the sad way it is nowadays.

Desi biker if your in the Mids sometime - give me a shout.... we're on facebook - UK Indian Bikers
03/03/2012 at 09:18
That is well sikh. Innit
07/03/2012 at 09:48
Back when I was a teenager there was this big Sikh geezer used to ride round on an old Ariel 500 single wearing his turban and a greasy old great coat. I tell you, that guy could ride. I saw him get pulled once in the 70's by plod and they were having a go about him not wearing a helmet. He told the uniformed twat that not only did he have a right to wear his turban and not a helmet but he had also fought in the British army wearing his turban and that bullets were a fuck sight more harmful to his health than riding a motorbike.
21/03/2013 at 22:32
Thank you very much for your support and understanding, I just wish there were more like you, my friend.

Manjit Singh Bansal
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