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Talkback: VIDEO: Australia's latest bike safety campaign

No, it's up to you to reduce teh fucking risks.  I wear protective clothing, ride sensibly and try and anticipate stupidity.  What the fuck else am I supposed to do?

That didn't sound like a VFR to me TAC is always willing to lay blame on the road user, though the design and condition of Australian roads is often apalling

Now i dont usually reply to threads an stuff like this, but the more an more i see videos like this i feel compelled to actually put some pen to paper...(so to speak)During that massively insightful video, all i really saw was people riding like absolute muppets and not concentrating - now, im sure im missing the point but as a couple of people have said already - ive spent most of my wages on protective equipment which almost totals the cost of my bike itself, im a trainee solicitor with a hell of a lot to lose if i ride dangerously or stupidly, including my life.All i seem to hear from non-bikers when they watch video's like this is how bad bikers are! As opposed to the millions of incident of truly awful driving i see from muppets in cars! I take responsibility for my own actions - my driving instructor always used to say, you can only justify crashing if more than two things go wrong! ie. you crash because a car pulls out - its tradgic but if the car driver didnt look, you should have seen them not looking and ridden accordingly. Now i know we aren't all jedi knights and things will always take us by suprise but i would say 9 times out of 10 it applies...Im just sick of being lectured like a f*&^ing idiot because of a minority of people choose to ride in t-shirts and trainers at 100+ in busy areas - speed alone not a problem - if you want to hurt yourself or worse be my guest but think of every other biker you make look a t1t, and everyone who then gets deliberatley pulled out on whilst filtering etc.  At the end of the day its up to us... Ps. i ride a litre sportsbike so know and again i do like to ride fast, but the thing is only as fast as i want it to be at that given point in time!!!Hope its not bored too many people!  Feel better gettin it off my chest!lol

What's changed ? If you ride like an idiot you'll most likely die like one. Notice how all the car drivers where doing everything right. What a joke, it dos'nt show any driver using their cell phones,texting,swapping lanes without signaling, not using mirrors,tailgating,jumping stop sign's,u turns etc.In other words,Melbourne on any day of the week. All vehicle users need to be aware of the dangers to each other.

If it stops another idiot dying before they've learnt how to ride safely on the road im all for it. If it scares potential new riders away from riding a motorbike then maybe it's a bit too harsh. The riding shown on the video is on a whole, horrifically poor riding and maybe it should say that on the video.

I couldn't work out what actually went wrong on his overtake.  He just seemed to randomly lose control of the bike.  I could see how he might have done so from the initial swerve out to carry out the overtake but he'd straightened up before it all went wrong.  The oncoming traffic looked far off (albeit more by luck than design seeing as he didn't seem to bother to check before pulling out).Might be just because I'm listening to it without sound.The overtake actually didn't look as daft as a lot of the riding before it.

"We think the latest video does the job very well."Why? It's terrible. The ad suggests that all motorcyclists are hooligans who put their lives at risk, and endanger other road users.It's all very well to try to stimulate discussion on a blog by using the ask-a-question at-the-end-of-the-post trick, but please try to engage your brain first.

This piece of blatant anti-motorcycle/motorcyclist propaganda absolutely enfuriates me. All it does is state the obvious and reinforce a VERY negative and irresponsible image in the minds of ALL other road users. I live in SE Queensland and have ridden for some 50 years and raced way back in the mid/late 1960's. I ride several big, fast road bikes and ( touch wood ) I am old and ugly proof that being a motorcyclist does not neccessarily mean a short life and horrible end to same. There has been an ongoing "War " between Police and road authorities V motorcyclists in Australia for as long as I can remember. Sure, there HAS been an increase in death and injury to motorcyclists here. However, that fact or small percentage increase does NOT take any cognisance that registrations of road motorcycles has jumped by 50% over the last few years. I shouldn't have to correlate the mathematics here. We are an easy and easily justifiable target and my age and experience under a full-face helmet is well camouflaged to look just like any bug-eyed 19 year old. The Court score between myself and the Queensland Police Service currently stands at Me: 3 - QPS: 0. Last Sunday, I was following a Toyota Landcruiser full of young bushwalkers down off the Hinterland Ranges on the Springbrook Road, being careful to keep some distance as the vehicle was being driven too fast for the road and load and quite dangerously. Nearing the bottom of the Range, I closed-up for a known passing opportunity to get this twat out of my life. On the LAST tight, left-hander I caught a brief glimpse of a darker patch on the tarseal that abruptly appeared in the centre of the lane from under the 4WD. Tipping in, the bike slid both ends across and into the opposing lane. Fortunately, in a very busy and terror-filled few microseconds, I got it all back on track. Diesel ! Had there been anything coming, I was brown bread at worst or greviously injured at best. Of course, the Police would have come, measured-up and made the same bullshit old pronouncement that the media would have dutifully reported, "Speed was suspected as a factor here ". The 4WD either dropped this killer spill or merely straddled it. Either way the REAL cause of my demise would have been erroneously arrived at and then misreported. What chance have we got?

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