Talkback: Valentino Rossi returns to Yamaha

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Talkback: Valentino Rossi returns to Yamaha

bang goes my dream of a italian rider on a italian machine. I will have to wait until Lannone is given a ride. i think he could be the next champion on a Italian bike

Ambition outweighs talent
the five minute fix worked well then.
tail between your legs then Val I feel sorry for Cal and Dovi now that you have stolen their seat.
Wonder what Herve will have to say about this

AussieVFR - VR46 is the big dawg, he can steal anyones seat.

Great news, although yamaha are only using him for development and sponsorship $$

Thing is Cal is interested in the Ducati seat and Dovi is not champion material, had 3 years on the best works team and didn't deliver so Rossi was the obvious choice really ( also means they may attract a title sponsor, something sadly missing since 2011 )
I'd rather Dovi skulked off to WSB and get Rea in to MOTOGP, another rider like Cal who can hang it out and wring it's neck.

Who fucking cares about the haters. They'll be queuing up now. All I care about is VR back on a competitive bike.

As Hugh says, Vale is the big dawg.

While i'm interested in the 'big dawg' being on a competitive machine, i'm convinced it's a waste of a good seat and he will only be a top 6 racer. Some people just can't see passed the hype of some old legends.

So by that rationale Tra, Hailwood should never have gone back to the TT. Troy Bayliss should've hung up his leathers well before he did. And Fogarty shouldn't have bothered to keep going as long as he did.

And at 34 he's getting near the end of his career in Moto GP. But to say he's "hyped and past it" really does show you up for knowing NOTHING about the sport you are so ready to voice your opinions on. I look forwards to you coming back this time next year and chowing down on a big plate of humble pie.

Form is temporary, class is permanent.

Ducati should deny VR riding the M1 at the Valencia post season test.

But then again it makes for good press (drama) in the off season.

Can't see them pulling that one. After all, they were fairly gracious when Tino left. (seriously considering a quick trip to Valencia early November now)...

Here we go, as usual the plonkers speculating about Rossi, come out of their holes as soon as the occasion comes up!!
You ignorant lot forgot how much the man has done form the sport, you forgot how many hard passes and bashed fairings have to be accredited to him before the boredom of electronics kicked in!!
While on a competitive bike, on a one to one fight he regularly kick Stoner, Jorge or anyone else arse.
You ungrateful bunch, he might not be your favorite rider but this should not affect the recognition that the man deserves.
I'm not saying he will win the championship again but I guarantee you that he will put up a show on a competitive that even you will enjoy.
Go and watch synchronized swimming now and piss off.

i REALLY want Rossi to have another championship before he goes to WSBK but Lorenzo is now the Maestro of MOTOGP and hes been riding the M1 since he got there.

Rossi has a huuuuge mountain to climb.... but if anyone can do it....

Either way the next 2 seasons are gonna have some awesome fairing bashing last minute unbelievable over takes and some of the best racing seen in recent years.

And ...Race attendance figures, viewing figures and revenues will be up for Dorna

Rock n Buell. Couldn't have put that better.

I reckon we're all (including Dorna) are hoping its back to the days....because I have to say racing wise, WSBK is where its at right now.

ignore the negative rossi comments. It shows what a complete lack of knowledge and any form of analysis undertaken is about as good as an insects single nerve brain would make of it. Doesnt matter if rossi runs around in 6th or tenth next year, he deserves the ride. Of course yamaha want sponsorship money, but its also because rossi can ride and people who count know that thank goodness. How the fuck you could say youd rather see the ride go to someone else must mean you enjoy mediocrity.

This is exactly what MotoGP needs, some competition.

With Stoner retiring, Pedrosa only being able to maintain stamina for a handful of tracks, Marquez will be stacking his new RCV every other race, it will be down to the class double act of Lorenzo and Rossi to entertain us.

I have visions of Catalunya, Motegi etc...

I feel for Dovi and possibly Cal if he doesn't secure the other Ducati seat, but Motogp is changing, and come 2015, WSBK will be the better series as CRT takes over the motogp paddock. They would do well to follow Rossi's suit and go there too.

no drill. The crt thing is dead in the water. its just not happening and they know it.

I read somewhere that the factories are possibly going to agree to some deal to provide cheaper satellite bikes of some other class available, like the old days kind of. Something like that anyway, im not sure on the detail. The factories dont want to leave GP racing, they know how it benefits them, especially Honda and Yamaha, so them and Dorna have been playing a game over cat and mouse over the past few years and latest I heard is the factories are coming around and Dorna are pretty happy about it coz they know the crt ship is dead. Dorna also know they need the factories; sure they posed a big dick and threatened to leave them with nothing in the class, thats what it was all about, forget the bullshit, but crt is crap and so now they both have to reach some compromise.

I personally dont mind the idea of two classes, becuase it is always going to be anyway. Rider ability soon sorts that out. So the lower guys may as well ride cheaper machinery and all compete against each other, because it'll be that way if they ride 5 million euro machines anyways.

I dont know why all you guys harp on about wsbk. These guys all want to ride GP, because they are true race bikes, not family vehicles all hotted up (like superbikes). The top guys will always ride GP as long as they have protoype factory machines.

Can't believe some of this negative attitude towards the great VR - He is one of the greatest of all time - no one except stoner has made a serious challenge on a Ducati. Moto GP has also become so dull I find myself fast forwarding juts to see the result ...When Vale was on form the racing was stunning and I for one hope he can inject a bit of life into the series before he moves to WSBK and takes the kudos with him ....RIP Moto GP !

So apparently all of the VR folks (spouting off on the negative commentors) have forgotten the advantage he had with Michelin, back when they could overnight him tires (per his spec) come raceday. Pretty easy to win when you have the best tires. Look what happened to him when Michelin was no longer able to do that for him - the 1st year of the 800s. He whined & whined...
He whined so much, that it split the Yamaha camp. Had a wall put up (which was understandable for the Bridgestone/Michelin tire war), but once Michelin was out of the game, he insisted it be kept up. And then gave Yamaha an ultimatum of, it's Lorenzo or him??? Yeah, really great rider that i totally look up to & support /sarcasm.
The yellow brigade can keep your hero, all he's done is made the sport one rider favored. If it's not rossi winning, then the sport is "boring", "in trouble", "in danger of losing a 'fan'" etc., etc. & all the VR fans bemoan anyone else who can win.
It's gonna be a sad day in WSBK when he goes there, because he's just going to ruin WSBK also & make it into a 1 rider show. They should just make a racing series for rossi, so he can win all the races & all his fans can cheer about how exciting the racing was...

Throw out spec tires!! Don't have rev limiters!!! Let it be true prototype racing!! No limits other than weight and capacity! Who cares how much fuel is burnt? I want real gp racing not the motogp at a price limit racing weve had...

Family vehicles? Since when has an R1, ZX10 or Blade been a family vehicle?

PommyR6 - since they were released in india.... lol

The Rossi haters here make me laugh. Some have the odd point, but for the most part, it shows people who have watched GP for the past few years and think he's 'over rated'.

The Michelin thing is a load of balls. So he's at Yamaha, and he gets the tyres he wants? What about the Honda riders? Do you think HRC just sat back and didn't bother getting tyres shipped in after Quali to make sure they had the best shot at the race? Do you think, for one minute, that HRC didn't want an 800cc title? They spent a truckload of money trying to beat Vale and Yamaha and it didn't happen until they hired Casey, and they essentially hedged everything that year - 3 Repsol Factory bikes and a fourth factory bike with Marco aboard. Don't underestimate the resources of HRC.

The fact of the matter is, from 04-10, Yamaha simply done a better job than Honda.

I simply can't count Rossi out for next year, without doubt, I think this will be the biggest challenge he'll have. Lets face it, he's hungry, really hungry, and you've got to ask, has he learned anything new since riding that Ducati? Does anything he's learned allow him to push a Yamaha further? I'll be looking forward to seeing how well/badly Dovi does on it, and I'll be looking forward to seeing Vale smiling and riding like Vale again. I thought the last off season was difficult, but this ones going to be a long one.

Since when has the superbike family been family cars? Mick Doohan called them tractors, so family cars isnt too bad a rating. We're talking in relative terms here, and the GP bikes are the thoroughbreds, the ones made only to race, thats it. The others arent basically, they're bred from it and are based on it, but they arent pure race bikes Im sorry to say. Thats why GP is always the pinnacle, and lets hope it stays that way.

Ever since '94 its been hip for the motorcycle world to say superbikes is better than GP. It was then, true, it was just better competition, but its not now, and hasnt been for a long time.

Totally agree with pyndman. As much as a roadbike 'looks' like a racer, it's still a long way off.

Honda were stated as saying on their roadbikes (CBRs) that they base 60% of the bike for roaduse and 40% for track. They water them down, make them pass emissions and noise tests, make the engines go without a rebuild for.. well, pretty much life short of valve clearances, they allow oil changes to slip to 4000 miles, they have lights, wingmirrors, comfier seats, road based fairings, road friendly chassis... Essentially, their designed to put up with a large amount of variables - road conditions, rider ability, bad maintenance, poor weather - and still keep working.

When that base is turned into a race machine, certain parts of that engineering cannot be taken out by setup and switching parts allowed by the regulations.

GP bikes are a machine built with only the compromises deemed in the rules, and the compromise of making a bike as suitable as possible for all the tracks on the calendar. i.e. they need something that can be setup to work at a Laguna and they need something that'll work well at a Brno. The bikes only intention is going around a track with the best of the best riders, with excellent mechanics dedicated to setting up the bike to the best of it's potential.

the analysis of what makes a bike a true race bike from comment's is hilarious. Clearly comments from people that have never raced a motorcycle in their life's.

for example, Philip island - the laptop record in GP is just over a 1.30 thats on a full blown GP machine....the RCV.

The laptop resord in superbikes 1.31 on an Aprilia RSV4.

one second you are talking about when you say a homologated super bikes are like 'family cars'


Vale!!! What are you doing on here??? Nice to have you along, please enlighten us oh great sage of racing!!!


LMAO! Lin Jarvis welcomes his return!! Yamaha didn't even consult Jarvis - which is what you get for turning traitor and slagging off the rider who put you where you are.

Who cares if Rossi doesn't win, it just makes me feel better seeing him there. I've missed the Rossi roadshow.

As for Stoner - if just 2 titles in 6 years makes him a genius then there's hope even for me yet...! Good riddance

Pagik, you are a sad little cum gargler aren't you!

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