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Talkback: Should Triumph make a superbike?


It would require a significant investment in an unknown and highly competitive environment where all the "big boys" have been for decades.

In such an economic climate it would neither be viable nor prudent.

Stick to what you're exceptional at Triumph, and resist the temptation to get drawn into the money pit of no return.

Hmmmm.... if recent history is anything to go by it would be a retuned 1200, made in Thailand and look a lot like a BMW. No thanks.

No, they should not make a Superbike. The market for such bikes is shrinking and it needs to be backed up by a successful racing program otherwise the bike has no credibility in the motorcycling public's eyes.
Triumph have made a huge success out of ploughing their own furrow and this is what they should stick to.

No, why make a bike for a shrinking market segment, perhaps you could argue brand loyalty, get somebody on a superbike and when they want to leave that segment they will stay with Triumph and buy a Tiger or the likes, this is what BMW did with the 1 Series car but in reverse !

If the superbike market was growing perhaps this would work, but not today, this would be madness and this article is nonsense.

Watch this space... new Triumph superbike launched 2013 just to make me look a dick :)

No, for all the reasons AFKAN has given, although thoppa makes some positive points in favour of it.

Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday.
They failed with the 675, why should they do better with a Superbike?

Matec.....can you explain how they failed with the 675? Has the daytona 675 not been given rave reviews across the board since it was launched in 06......or am I missing something?

Yes, they should!

Lack of race wins in World Supersport hardly affected sales of the 675 did it? What about the S1000RR in Superbike? That bike has yet to win a race but it hasn't stop them selling either. If they could make a road bike that was competitive in terms of engine performance and handling that sold for around about the same money as the offerings from the japanese factories there's no doubt in my mind it would sell well.

Yes PLEASE! It'll have more chanracter and like be a looker too. and, gioven their performance lately, be right up there with the S1000RRs, RSV4s, and F41000s. What about a liter-class triple in a modified 675 frame? And they MUST race it in BSB AND SBK! Then provide the motor to CRT teams?


The Triumph Daytona is an amazing bike! It gets amazing reviews and even beat the Ducati 848 on a few test. So even if they only made 1,000 Triumph Daytona 1050 I would run out and buy one and so would all of the other triumph fans. Hell I'd buy it just so I had something that wasn't a CBR,R1,Gixxer, or Ninja.

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Id like to see Triumph do what they are so good and make a bike thats different and creates its own niche.... a big bore 675 would keep plenty of riders very happy...

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Yes! I want a triple superbike!

I don't know about the viability of making a "superbike". I assume Visordown means something to compete at the 1,000 cc sportbike level. In that case, no I don't see any value in it. HOWEVER, some time ago I believe Triumph developed a bike to compete with the Hyabusa, et. al. It was about to go into production, right after the gentlemen's agreement in Europe not to build any vehicle that exceeds 300 kph. The story at the time was that Triumph hired a consultant who advised that they kill the project, citing costs of liability and the ire of the EC. Personally, if they're looking for something to do, I wish Triumph would stop building the Bonneville to a budget. Surely there is a market for a limited run of the retro bike with Ohlins, Brembos, sticky tires, etc. Just my $.02

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Sure they should... along with jetskis, lawnmovers and mopeds.

But seriously- They have found their spot. The biking population in Europe is ageing - whom the superbike and (fingers crossed) races won will appeal to?

The venture into BMW GS territory they just started makes so much more sense for me.

If they do, they're gonna have their hands full. Yes, the Germans have come up with the S1000RR and the Italians with the RSV4 but both of those were built the other way around; build a superbike, and put lights, indicators and a tax disc on it. They can, because they have the experience in building race bikes. Aprilia from the Cube, RSV and the 125 and 250 2Ts and BMW from racing the HP2 Sport at Le Mans + having an almost infinite budget. I don't believe Triumph has that sort of knowledge or budget. Yes, they've ran the 675 in WSS. Fat load of good that did them... If they could, they should. Otherwise, why bother?

No they should first conquer the 125 market with a scaled down 675, 3 cylinder 125 come on.............

According to the FIM rules a Triple would have to be 1000cc. That suggests that it would struggle against 1000cc 4s and 1200 cc twins. In Supersport the 675 can at least foot it with the 600cc 4's but it does that with 75cc extra. The maths suggests that a superbike triple would have to be 1125cc to compete on equal footing. So Triumph would have two choices - fight a huge battle to get a completely new engine accepted under the rules or build a 1000cc 4. The latter would be silly since it would not play to the company's strength.

Yes, Yes, Yes! There is a lot of negativity on this thread. Personally speaking, although I own a Ducati, I would simply love to have a beautiful Triumph super bike sitting beside it, in my garage.

The bike could use a tuned version of the Speed Triple angine, perhaps a 1050 Daytona? I believe it would have a similar market impact to the 675 and provide a refreshing, British alternative to Japanese and Italian bikes! It should look just like the design penned for PB magazine: interesting, angular, radical and sexy... just like its baby brother, the 675. Thinking back, the T595 was a beauty but by today's stanards it was a bit on the curvy and conservative side.

Please get with it Triumph!

No, no Superbike (too many compromises and rules to adhere to like others already mentioned)...make it an Open Class Hyperbike (ala ZX-14, HAYABUSA, K1300S, etc)...also a HyperNaked spin off wouldn't hurt ala K1300R.

Make it Sprint RS comfy, spacious for 6'ft-ers like me, SPORTY looking and with LOTS of balls(Im sure the new 1215cc Triple can help there)...and don't u give us the LAME excuse of " the new 1215 engine is too heavy and slow revving Bull Manure"...what about the BIGGER Kawasaki 1441cc Beast ? I didn't hear Kawasaki making excuses...OR BMW or Suzuki.

It would be SO NICE to have another choice to those STINKIN Japanese and German I-4s.

Triumph, if ur gonna make xcuses save it for that useless Rocket III Dinosaur son of a Farm Tractor that u INSIST on keeping alive and sucking your blood(for what?! to say u have the biggest production engine?) AND LAME Sprint GT we got on the U.S.A. wich is neither a good sport or tourer bike for trying to please both camps.

Grow some Balls...AND DO IT. I look like a monkey &^%$ a football on top of any of the current 600 and 1000 bikes.

Nope.. I don't see a triple ever being truly competitive when put up against a high performance four. What's the point.. Mr. Bloor isn't about to squander millions developing a motor/bike to compete with the current crop of liter bikes. It doesn't make good business sense.

There's no need for Triumph to participate in an egocentric dick measuring contest.

On the other hand.. Where's my 1200 Trophy!?..

Listen up Triumph. Seriously, Listen up. I've ridden since 1973, owned about 20 bikes, and now own a 07 Speed Triple. Best, most enjoyable bike I've ever had. Don't waste time and energy going head to head with the Jap sportbikes. Who cares about sterile plastic injected molded appliances with the personality of a toaster. But if you shoe-horn a 1050 or bigger triple motor into a Daytona platform, I'd bite. I don't want or need a cookie-cutter sport bike like those ridden by pimple-faced mohawk helmeted kids who wouldnt know a apex if it bit them. Give us a torque monster big bore Daytona with some serious suspension. I would add a competition weeks pipe and have an absolute wonderful time riding something with some substance while the ambulance goes after Jr. Speed Racer who got seperated from his mohawk while stunting in a school zone. Triumph, if you stop Going Your Own Way - I'm afraid I'd have to go my own way.
Trpldog the Roulette Green Speedy

I think they should keep doing what is obviously working very well.Privateer Triumph teams have had moderate success as independents and as said above without entering the "money pit" of a factory team seems it does not make much sense.In these times I would suggest a Triple/Triple R series with very limited tuning options perhaps to run alongside the likes of BSB events - hell even AMA as that is a big market for them. Keep racing simple, cost effective to enter and above all fun!

No Triumph should not enter that arena. its too well covered and its shrinking.
But stick a sporty fairing on a Speed Triple, Like a big Daytona. Make it sexy, make it useful, keep it basic but not budget.

Dont think its going to be accessible to the public if the triple format is adhered to... unless they go the way of the twins i.e. handling and tangible appeal trumps the boredom of the four.

No. They do very well as they are and that market is oversubscribed anyway. Even if 99 per cent of owners would be better off with a 600, the litter bike market has more to do with horsepower bragging rights than real world use, which is what Triumph have always excelled at.
Not sure how anybody figures the 675 Daytona to be a failure. It's a brilliant bike.
Keep it real Triumph and leave the bull to the bullshitters.

Triumph should stick to doing what Triumph are good at and keep making excellent bikes for it's customers which keep growing it's market share year on year. If that means developing new and interesting ways to make people part with their money for more 'retro' bikes like the Bonneville, and more Street bikes like the Speed and Street triples, and more do it all bikes like the new 800's then so be it.I, for one, don't believe that their market is sportsbike based. A fact that can be borne out by the fact that their best selling bike was the Street Triple. A bike that, at one point, they simply couldn't make fast enough. And the new Tiger 800 and 800XC could see that change this year. None of these are race bikes but they are all extremely good bikes with a certain Triumph something which makes them appeal to the target market.Also, if you take previous posters comments on the ever shrinking sportsbike market into account too, then they would be foolish indeed to make the huge investment needed to produce such a bike just to add it to an already oversubscribed sector. One which Honda - even without all of BMW's electrickery - still seem to clean up in.

They are updating the Tiger 1050 to be more sporty now that they have the 1200 Explorer. With Adventure bikes currently selling better than sportsbikes I can't see how it would make much sense as the Tiger 1050 gives you touring options and in the right hands would match a sportstbike on the road. You just have to see how well the Multistrada is selling!

At the moment, the 675 is more than enough bike for me. It has enough style, character, and performance so that when I replaced my previous 675 last year, there was only one choice, another 675.

Still, maybe I would keep one eye on a Daytona superbike, but probably leave it to the younger crowd (I am 37).

I like Mike Gonzo's idea.

make a SPORTS tourer, NOT a sports TOURER, with a large calibre triple motor.

it makes perfect sense! large 3 cylinder motor, produces lots of lovely useable torque and gives a reasonable shunt up the arse when ya hit the power, much like kawasaki and suzuki have done with their big bore 4's.

only thing is, i reckon a triple would do it better than a 4. more torque, less screaming. thats what you need to make!

also i mights suggest a slightly machined out version of the 1215cc triple, maybe 1300cc?

and when you make this bike and the innevitable millions of pounds of revenue, i can take my 25% cut! :D

Triumph do not need to waste money on such a project. They already have quite enough high powered bikes in the Speed Triple and Daytona models and it would be foolhardy to go spending more money on a bike that would have to stand up against the superbikes of Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki. At the end of the day superbikes are bought by a small few and anything Triumph produced would be bought by a very few Triumph die hards. they would be far better put to spending any developement money on smaller capacity machines in the 125, 250 and 350 bracket. Many years ago Triumph Meriden produced some really great bikes in this bracket. the Tiger cub [200cc] the Trail Blazer [250cc] and the Tiger 90 [350cc] it would be more meaningful if Triumph were to consider this market as there are far more riders who would benefit from having the choice of these capacity machines rather than the high priced, high powered crotch rockets that as previously said would only atract a very few buyers. there is a yawning gap in the bike market since all the big Japanese manufacturers stopped making low to middle range bikes. With fuel costs rocketing and the cost of insuring high powered bikes going the same way a selection of small to medium capacity bikes would be a good idea. Come on Mr. Bloore, how about it?

Not in the current economic climate. Triumph already have a massive range of bikes and look to be concentrating their efforts where the sales are to be had. The sports bike market is struggling at the moment while the Adventure bike sales increasing. No doubt the situation will change at some stage and maybe then would be the time.

I would like them to make one when sales of sports bikes pick up as I think they would be able to take a good slice of the market. Support British.

Yes! Then take the fairing off and put fatbars on it.

I totally disagree with AFKAN that Triumph should not compete in a market where the 'big boys' have been for decades!! So the 600 market was a pushover for the Daytona 675 to take on eh?? No, that was the hardest market imaginable for Triumph to take on, but take it on it certainly did, and let's be honest, it didn't do too badly, ........... did it?? Now don't get me wrong, the question is, "should Triumph make a superbike?". Well, I don't profess to know the answer to that question, however, I do know one thing, if Triumph do make a superbike, it'll be good, damn good ...... that I do know!!

I totally disagree with AFKAN that Triumph should not compete in a market where the 'big boys' have been for decades!! So the 600 market was a pushover for the Daytona 675 to take on eh?? No, that was the hardest market imaginable for Triumph to take on, but take it on it certainly did, and let's be honest, it didn't do too badly, ........... did it?? Now don't get me wrong, the question is, "should Triumph make a superbike?". Well, I don't profess to know the answer to that question, however, I do know one thing, if Triumph do make a superbike, it'll be good, damn good ...... that I do know!!

Read more:

Did"nt they make one way back ,as i recall the "BONNY" was the benchmark for years .do they need to prove any thing and if so ,to who? A dedicated off roader would make more sense as that would not break the bank but may just be interesting and affordable they already have the motor ,no fancy gadgets bare minimum mud plugger Happy days..Proper paint job ,,union jack and all that ..

They should make a 1200 sports tourer first.

I can only agree with Peter Cakes. A modern day Tiger Cub would make an excellent commuter bike and this is how the Japanese made their money to support a racing team & develop their superbikes.
There is a massive market (especially India with their British brand loyalty), for a small, simple, user friendly bike which brings in the revenue needed to develop a superbike for what is after all a niche market. ie: Us nutters.

I am 58 and not planning on getting rid of my Daytona 675 anytime soon.

Do they need to make a superbike? No

Would I like to see a Triumph superbike? Yes

I fear though that should they take the plunge and it has a negative reaction on launch then the reputation they have created over the past 10 years will be severely dented. Everything they touch right now takes them to the top, or very close to the top, of the class.

You have to ask why they would risk that just for an even brighter halo than they one they currently wear.

The Daytona 675 is a fantastic bike - and is everything I wouldn't want in a bike. But it is just brilliant to ride.

I'll stick with my Speedy 1050 and Tiger 955i thanks.

Should they make a superbike as in WSB ? Probably not. But a superbike as in a sport orientated litre+ bike, heck yes!

New big triple, ride by wire, traction control and high end components on a bike designed for real world riding? I would buy one in a heartbeat!


Absolutely they should. The success of the modern Triumph company is almost miraculous and they should have a flagship bike too. I'm too old now to ride with my knees up near my ears, so I would love to see a naked(ish) version of a superbike too. I love my Fazer (FZ1) but would definitely consider a similar style of Triumph to replace it when the time comes. So Triumph, not just a new superbike but a new all rounder please.

It would be cool, but I would much rather see a Speed Triple 1200 first. I'm thinking 140hp and 80 ft-lbs torque at the rear wheel with a 450lb wet weight could be a realistic goal. And while we're daydreaming here, let's get rid of the plastic radiator shrouds and go back to round headlights too!

Something in the vein of a VFR800 (pre-02') or a Ducati ST3 would be good for Triumph, maybe around the 800cc triple. Keep it light, more comfy ergos than the 675 with good quality suspension and brakes. They and Honda have figured out how to make sport bikes for the real world, that is their core competency.

Comuters and Learners pay for the development of Superbikes.
Superbikes attract buyers to the Comuters and Learners.

Triumph needs both on the shop floor, just as the Japs do.

Yes i would like a road sports bike, not a superbike. As my dear lady says put the 1050 engine into a daytona frame with fairing and drop bars. Keep it standard for people who want the sports look but still has the poke of the speed triple. Yes ok, a sheep in wolfs clothing, and then the accessories if you want to make it better. then triumph should bring out a limited edition of the above, but more of a sports bike, just to test the water. and see what the sales do in the comeing months. triumph needs to sound out the buying public as to what they really want from a sports bike and a superbike. to minimize any losses or if it went tits up , the new company could be called triumphsports ltd. as for superbike who for, the masses like the fireblade gsx-r1000 etc. or top end superbikes.and just what could triumph make for the same retail value of the fireblades etc.i would like to think that triumph could play with their cad machines useing some peramiters of say the fireblade ducati etc, as well as their own. triumph called start of repackageing the 1050, a big brother of the i said above. test the water first ask for views. tell poeple what it might have, show some mock-up pictures etc.asks for poeples views. and 2 to 3 models for the market. standard . sports . supersports. but please keep the street and speed models.

YES YES YES YES!make the superbike!make the hyper bike!!dont listen to all theses staid boreing slow people!!people are saying triumph is not exactly the most exiting name in the motorcycle world!if it built a bike that would pull in the crowds then it would!i have 2 triumph daytona 1200SE and a triumph 1200 special that im working on to build what triumph should have done a few years ago..the triumph daytona 1300 4 pot 200+bhp!they cancelled it because they listened to some boring experts. so typical of this country to be so conservative and tired of compromise and restraint!i would never buy any bike from the current triumph range!!!

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