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Talkback: Niall's Spin: Yamaha MT-01 review

The local dealer only just managed to offload the last batch of new 2006 bikes that had been sitting in the storeroom. He let them go for half thier original  recomended price.The second hand ones are almost impossible to sell unless you almost give them away.Great looking engine, but with a small fuel capacity and lousy pillion ergo's, they are only good for a quick blast around the hill's. The novelty soon wears off and they become tiresome and boring because they lack the verstility of other bikes. I sold mine after six mounths and lost thousands but had heaps more fun and use out of its replacement.

I've owned a few different bikes since 1995 when I first started riding. I had a 5 valve yamaha maxim X (with the sportier 5 valve engine) and a few other bikes. I have to say I understand the allure of the of MT-01. It really has a nice sound and feel to it and the torque is great (and for me it is very quick). I find that it is excellent for just cruising along and when I need to get aggressive it is a blast to ride with more than enough power for me to be smiling at a steady pace. Compared to the hard core fast adreline riders the bike may be slower but for me riding comfortably and confidently at 120-135 kms/hr all day is more than I need. Passing power and the ability to ride faster is definitely there but I would rather save my money then give it to the police (most of the time anyway). I don't miss the loud whine of a 4 cyclinder engine and I love the feel of the seat, seating position, and attitude of the bike. I find the bike beautiful but as any rider knows it is all a matter of opinion. Most people don't get this bike, and that's okay, but if you can get it at a bargin price it is definitely worth considering. When switching from a 4 cylinder bike to this bike just remember to shift quickly through the gears and you'll find yourself flying. Ride safe! 

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I had 50.000 kms on it so far, completely trouble free and very exciting to ride. An awesome bike, comfortable also for long international rides too. I can not find any other bike to replace it so I will keep it for manymore years I guess. It takes a mature rider to appreciate this big and mean machine.

My only concern was finding a proper pannier for long rides.
Later on I found the Bagester tank cover letting you attach really large tank bags.

I've owned a 2009 MT-01 for almost 2 yrs now, and it's almost on 50,00km. Previous bikes include FJ1200/ZZR1100 both 'serious' Continent destroyers. The MT is a far more relaxed bike to ride that the ZZR, it's as much fun between 80-140kph, as the Zed is at 160-200+. It's very reminiscent of riding an old Guzzi Lemon, stable, built for sweeping bends, rather than point and squirt. I live in Wellington (NZ) and am familiar with English country roads. Local rides include a 'hill' (Rimataka's) that would be similar to the IoM TT Mountain section.. select the right gear, roll the throttle on and off, surfing the high level of torque.. and scare the bejeezus out of a few sprotbike riders... As said above, DONT ride it like a 20 zillion rpm sprotbike.. Ex Guzzi owners would feel right at home on one. So range is 'limited' but is the same as an XR1200 HD. 200-220km's to reserve. It's a 'Man's bike', it requires 'Riding' rather than 'falls' into corners.

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