Talkback: MotoGP 'Rookie Rule' to be canned

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Talkback: MotoGP 'Rookie Rule' to be canned

Good News for Marques and Honda, but bad news for everyone else.

Personally I would like to see a new rules that defines all newcomers in Motogpmust ride a season in CRT first season of Motogp. I am sure this would promote the CRT teams and help with their development.

So Honda gets there own way again!

Spanish rider - spanish sponsor - spanish rights holder (dorna), doesn't this just sound a bit fishy to anyone else.

Don't think the rookie rule brings much to the show but would it have been abolished for any other team/rider..??

Marquez can ride like a twat with total dis-regard for anyone else on track and the rules will be bent to accommodate him...

The rule was crap but its abit of a joke the way they seem to have just tossed it asaide for their favoured rider. Who in my honest opinion will crash alot and cause a good handful of nasty accidents next year anyway.

Agreed Lushman, roookies on a CRT would be a great idea and give the lower teams riders they would struggle to sign normally.

I think it's a good thing that it's been canned, but the timing is a bit dodgy. With the rule, it brings a ton of issues to a Satellite team - Lets say LCR or Gresini taking Marquez, the following happens;

> They're 'forced' to sign that rider, because the factory want him next year.
> He'll crash a lot, and they have to pay for those crashes.
> He might want his own team from Moto2, you get rid of existing guys, what do you do next year?
> He might have conflicting sponsors (Repsol vs Castrol), you've worked with Castrol for 4 years, but now you have to say buy to them, do you think they'll hop back in next year?

I think it's good, it *should* give Satellite teams a little more freedom on picking riders. The *bad* part is that it's been done clearly to aid Marquez to jump to Repsol, but I can guarantee LCR and Gresini wouldn't have wanted him for a year.

The only confusing bit about this is, if they do take Marquez, who exactly are they expecting to challenge Lorenzo next year? As I see it, Vale and Dani are the only two capable of this, Dani has really bad luck, and Vale is on a terrible machine. Short of Ducati improving or hiring Vale on a Factory 'Satellite' Honda, Lorenzo is going to walk 2013...

Everybody saw this coming and the whole thing stinks to high heaven. You're bang-on Rob M 9: Lorenzo is going to walk it next year if Marquez gets the ride at HRC. I wonder what odds I could get if I place my bet now?

Yeah, pretty much bang on Rob. Although, I didn't actually think it was THAT silly an idea. But I do seem to be in a minority on that one. But again, Dorna has done it and Honda NO favours with the timing here. But who's surprised by HRC or Dorna not worrying about how they look to the everyone these days...

This was always going to happen, but I wouldn't say it is just down to Honda getting their own way, all of the teams, both factory and satellite have said they don't like the rule.

As Rob M 9 mentioned, the satellite team is often forced to sign a rider, but pay a factory wage, and give them access to factory toys, only to see them go within a year, so really what is the point of the rule? The other teams don't benefit, and who wants a riders that is looking elsewhere?

Marco,if ever we needed you it's now. I fully understand why Stoner wants to leave. Carmelo and his mob stink of corrupt favouritism. They are so arrogant it beggars belief. How much longer does our sport have to put up with them!

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