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Talkback: How to clean your motorcycle helmet

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Talkback: How to clean your motorcycle helmet

Here's a helpful guide on how to choose a motorcycle helmet.

Good guide but for the last section.
What I think you mean is wax not polish. They are two
completely different things.
without getting too specific, polish contains small particles which flatten a surface ready for sealing and then waxing.
I wouldn't use polish on a crash helmet on account that albeit very very slightly polishing would weaken it, and polish often is petroleum based so I can't say putting it on polycarbonate helmets at all is
that good an idea. I would wax a crash helmet though. Decent quality wax will be fine on, I'd recommend Nattys paste wax.
I've spent enough time (and money on gear and products) detailing my cars to know the difference.

i normally wash mine in the sink!!!!

oh i didnt realise you were talking about a motorbike helmet.

Information taken from http:/

Information taken from - To wash the shell, a mellow cleanser like infant cleanser will work or you can get a cleaner made particularly for the plastics of a protective cap. S100 Special Surfaces is a decent item that is intended to be sheltered and not harm the trustworthiness of the shell. Make certain to maintain a strategic distance from oil based cleaners since they can decrease the quality of the shell.


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