Talkback: Hickman kicked from Kawasaki BSB

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Talkback: Hickman kicked from Kawasaki BSB

This seems petty to me

This looks bad for Kawasaki, they should have kept him on, instead of crying about their riding doing well, be it for another manufacturer or not. Now they look like spoilt brats, no-one wants to own a spoilt brat.

It seems to me that it’s Hickman who’s behaved like a spoiled brat. What did he expect was going to happen? He’s ridden for another manufacturer despite the expressed wishes of his regular team and their supporting manufacturer... what did he think was going to happen?

The lack of good faith is entirely on his part. For a one off ride in SBK he ignored the responsibilities he owes to his regular BSB team. And I challenge anyone to find another team or manufacturer that would have reacted differently given the same situation?

You pays your money, you takes your chance... He’s made his bed now he’s got to lie in it... Break a deal, face the wheel... Uuuum... You can lead a horse to water, but a rolling stone gathers no brothy cooks..?

If he knew he would get into trouble for it, then he's a douche. WSBK ride or not, if he's been told not to do it, then he shouldn't have done it. End of.

But, having said that, he's not getting paid by MSS, he's not got a written contract, it appears that Crescent went to MSS and asked them so it was all done above board from what I can see. So MSS are just being tools..

I just do not get it , surely Hickman discussed this with M.S.S , and they must of either said it was ok for him to ride , or they said you cannot and told him the consequences if he did ride the Suzuki , i m confused.

Reading - Paul Denning clearly intimates that MSS did not obstruct Hickman riding. It looks like no one from MSS ran this past Kawasaki UK who then objected. Hickman out performed many seasoned WSB riders this weekend and should be applauded. If MSS caused this cock up they should come clean. But I would challenge anybody who neither has a contract or gets paid to react any different to Hickman. BSB is a great series, but in some ways it really needs to get it's act together and be more professional.

Fuck him, i'll ride for 'em...

"I've always believed that an agreement - is binding and, in my opinion, implies a high degree of mutual respect".
Did ,the oh so principled, Mr Morgan make this statement with a straight face? He's being ironic isn't he?

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