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Talkback: Hein Gericke enters administration

im not suprised ..

their prices were astronomical!

Same problem as Clinton Cards: overly expensive and priced themselves out of the market.

Oh well, there's always the prospect of a liquidation sale to look forward to. Every cloud...!!!

Peeps could never trust to buy over the internet as the sizing is so adrift from everybody elses, I still have a UK44" Tribal jacket that would fit a 12 year old very nicely if anybody interested... lol

"Peeps"? WTF?

well if you waited for the offers, I think they were pretty good, I got some good quality kit from them so I'm sorry to see them go.

Had some lovely stuff from hein gericke but they dont do enough in sizes for the UK bikers unless your young and slim.

Quick..... B A R G A I N S

The kit is over priced and doesn't last. They've gone bankrupt having to honour all the guarantees on the clothing that always leaks and the boots that fall apart and the gloves that the lining always comes out of.

less choice now

Sad to see but their gear is pretty shite. 2 two-piece suits ive had from them and every single zip on both failed within 2 years.

I need a new helmet though.... :D

Also not surprised at all by this news. I think ive had atleast one email a week since november with a different discount offer.

Most of their kit ws too expensive for me but got one or two bargains over the years.
cant say i am surprised either though, the shop was usually empty whenever i called in, even at what should be their busy times.

Alot less choice now, local dealers shut 2 yrs ago, now HG look like going under, only one bike outlet left locally, and in ignorant pushy lot they are.

The last time I visited a Hein Gericke shop I got completely pissed off with the assistant trying to sell me bike care "bargains" that I didn't need or want. Eventually I told him where to go and walked out without the £300 jacket I had planned to buy. Eventually I got a perfectly decent jacket for half the price via Amazon. The only thing that surprises me about this is that it took so long to happen.

Great place for a bargain lid, or at least it was when I bought my last one.

@The Clang

It'll be even better for the bargain lid when the closing down sales start. Wallets at the ready, fellas. ;)

@ the speedfreak

Not true. My Master V kit has last mant hard seasons and is still totally warm and leak proof. It's very warm in the Winter and very cool in the Summer for touring. I'm not surprised they are in trouble though. Their customer service in my local branch was truly awful.

My last visits to the Braintree shop a year ago were not good - very little stock, most of it looked out of date, staff looked bored and disinterested. Worst of all, no one wanted to help, so I just turned around and walked out.

There are much better shops - ok they are smaller and may be a bit pricier but they always look after the customer and ready to help if there is ever a problem.

I'm not sad to see them hit the wall - shire service, shite stock and shite attitude

I as other people not surprised to see them go. I was pissed off about the offer which didn't apply to me cause of the wrong branding. The assistant in welling shop was not helpful at all. I told myself this is the last time I was going to shop there. I wanted to buy the whole gear. Jacket trousers and boots, but the guys would just Keep on pushing one jacket even though I wanted different one. There were other cheaper jackets but he showed no interest helping me out. It could have been a good store if it was run better. Customer loyalty doesn't ring a Bell with them. Hence the end result

Here in states they're also known as just "Gericke" and along with First Gear (I don't know if their associated with Hein Gericke) fall under the Intersports Fashion West banner. I have a pair of leather pants and a pair of summer gloves, and the only problem I've had is the seam stitching in the crotch of the pants came apart, and after I sewed them up, I haven't had any more problems. I've had the pants for over 10 years and the gloves for over 5 and they're still fine. I got them off a closeout site online, so I wonder if more is to be had. although I don't really need more kit, but ya never know.

Echoing Koiboys' experience in the Braintree store, I went in there with a female friend of mine looking for a new helmet for her. I practically had to drag an assistant over to help.

The staff there are always so disinterested in customers.

Yeah i have to agree dave. The staff are either non existant and dead behind the eyes or in your face with a jacket or suit that you don't want.

Love them or loath them it is a pretty sad reflection of the state of the Motorcycle industry. Unfortunately I suspect they will not be the only high profile brand to hit the deck this year.

@ Hugh Jarse


I must be the exception, nothing but great service from the Aberdeen and Glasgow stores.

I've been to the Farnborough branch many times and have found the staff to be very helpful and attentive without being pushy. I have bought quite a lot of stuff in there over the years and have been very pleased with their products and the prices. The only think that has ever let me down was an RST Jacket (so not HG product) and they gave me a refund on that.

I would be very sad to see them go as it would reduce choice. Hopefully, a buyer will be found and the most successful stores will stay open.

The problem is they have been selling shite for the last few years, back in the day they used to sell top spec Kushitani race suits,arai & shoei helmets etc, i was in a local branch last Sunday and it was full of Crap products that only born agains buy!

They seem to have lost any sense of direction.

Read the small print....dickhead.

The German stores are way better than in other countries in my personal experience. The one in Osnabruck was an unofficial biker hangout; the coffee was always on and you were welcome if you were buying on that day or not....

Staff in the Belfast store were always helpful
and up for a barter. Bought a Schubert C3 lid
for myself, got a crackin' deal by trading in
my old lid. Bought the wife a nice HJC with a
reasonable discount too. Good luck with your
jobs guys, hope someone steps in to save the day

Only ever had good & polite service from the people at Cheltenham & Bristol. All the best to you guys.

Bought new leathers, boots, gloves and 2 shoei helmets 2 weeks ago . Bugger. Still, happy with purchases though. Good service at Preston store sad to see it go if it closes. Blue sky, could do with new waterproofs

Sadly gone the way of Frank Thomas et al, possibly due to to the advances in new fabrics (old leather always wore out) and the general decline of motorcycling as a way of life.

Who will be next?

Frank Thomas still exist and are still in manufacture, but i don't think Hein Gerike will be saved. As it will be 10s of millions and no one has that sort of money to shell out on a failed business.

I dont know what people are talking about with the gear! My jacket was the best £240 i have ever spent! it cost me most of one of my wages which i thought was steep but it has now lasted me over 4 years and it still warm and waterproof. All the zips work and there is no tearing or werning out of any areas except the neck, which can be excused as its had a rough life doing over 50k miles throughout europe.
i got my stuff from slough branch and overall i rate their gear highly and will be sad to see them go!

Went to the Luton store at the weekend only to find they no longer sell Arai helmets, bit of a sod that...

Yeah, had an offer email from them the other week "Get £100 off of a jacket Now only £500 !!" Keh, who spends £500 on a jacket?

Went to use a £40 off voucher on a new lid last year. Then found out from the shop assistant that the offer was only aplicable on what they had in stock (which was nothing by the way). I only wanted a black Shoei XR1100.

Went to Lagunas in Maidstone in the end, got decent service and fitting and they had what I wanted on the shelf.

Sorry if people are losing their jobs though.

You guys should have gone to the Leicester branch.

I have nothing but praise for these guys.

I must admit I was spending a fortune on Arlen Ness gear and Arai a few years ago, and while I was there they sorted out my brother in laws Alpinestars one piece warranty claim when his zip failed. They hadn't supplied the kit in the first place, but told him he had a valid claim, and were more than helpful in assisting him.

I hope they either go independant locally or the business is rescued as a whole, as less choice usually means higher prices.

I certainly think that the "customer service experience" is down to the staff not the brand.


The branch in belfast was not well run the staff are not the friendliest or most professionall,went down to take advantage of an offer and the staff were not aware of it also heard lots of bikers complaining about them so not surprised there closing.but on the plus side i bought a voyager jacket(expensive)but a great piece of kit and have it 7 years the bullson boots are also very good ,but some biker mates say there kit fell to pieces,.
Barney rubble

My Master V jacket is superb, always warm and dry never a problem in 4 years. I rode to Coventry from Portsmouth during the winter and forgot to put a jumper on over my T shirt, i felt cool but not enough to effect my riding. I'd recommend to anyone.
I'll pop in and try and get some trousers for them and a new lid and maybe some leathers too?

You are not wrong, not only are the guys and girl at Leicester extremely helpful they are not pushy. The store is profitable and do great deals. Hope they find a buyer who realises that some of the stores will work and keep them open. After all none of us want to see any fellow bikers out of work.

Great shame, especially for the cost concious who don't give a monkey's about brands.

Staff in Farnborough are great and in 6 years of all weather riding (about 130,000 miles worth) my HG kit (jacket, trousers, boots) have never ever leaked and every single zip and popper still works.

Losing this chain will bang up the cost no end as dealers and independents will only be selling expensive brands like Dainese or Honda/BMW 'own' labels.
Which is fine for the cash rich, but anyone wanting longevity at a decent price will be stuffed.

Or in dealer parlance - "You want good value? Get stuffed".

Hell - I bought an old 2 stroke yamaha a short while ago & went to the Northampton branch & was amazed to find they sold good quality 2 stroke oil & fuel hose/clips & filter from stock - I bet my local yamaha dealer would have had to order that in!
Shame - one less biking place to go. I hope Halfords & t'internet get some quality competition sometime soon - maybe there's a business opp for someone there.

i went in to the shop in carlise..big sale great prices ..fab kit

Really unhappy. Hein Gerrick own brand stuff was fantastic quality for the price.

I still bought Apinestars Leathers from them, and the service was excellent - I tried on Two Piece pants and Leathers. Leather jacket good first time, pants required sending back twice for more fat bastard sizes. Got the full kit 3 weeks later - at not expense to me until I paid.

At no expense over the original cost, I have a set of leathers that fit me perfectly.

And the person ell could not have been more accomodating.

Got. I have to go to J&S now.

Does anyone know how all this affects warranty? I bought boots & 2 piece textiles a couple of months before it happened and all are showing signs of needing replacement under warranty :-( have emailed but From previous experience know they won't reply and can't get through on phone! Nearest store is now 100 mile round trip so can't pop in to ask!!

Thankfully Hein Gericke are still trading so should be able to help, just keep trying to get through to them. I went through Alpinestars, Dainese and other makes (and paid the premium for the names) but none of that gear has been as good as Hein Gericke own brand. I will be kitted out head to toe in Hein Gericke stuff for the foreseeable future. You only have to look at the reviews they get in product comparison tests. My Hein Gericke Pro-shell leather suit has been the only thing to keep me 100% dry outside of an hour riding in torrential rain. I stop for my riding pals to don their waterproofs, while I could carry on riding.

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