Talkback: Hayden: 'Dovi best choice for Ducati'

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Talkback: Hayden: 'Dovi best choice for Ducati'

the shit emanating from his mouth sometimes.... sigh# atleast we wont have any of it next season. give thanks.

"...and ride it the way it needs to be."

This must be tatooed on every MGP Bike.

It's unfortunate that anything the bloke says now will be taken as a parting shot. If he had have said exactly what Hayden did, the bleaters on here would construe it as a swipe at Rossi.

BTW, I think that was Hayden complaining about the Ducati. Funny how if you end the sentence by laughing and go out and finish 10th, no one seems to have a problem...

Stoner tamed the Ducati, won on the Honda, and it's a shame he's leaving GP. Rossi fans remind me of Dale Earnhardt Sr. fans in NASCAR...dogmatic, defensive, and tiresome.

It's unbelievable the amount of hate the current motogp champion gets on this site, it's almost as if he's slept with the wife or husband of almost everyone on here.

It's fine to not like somebody, but to bring it up every time the guy is mentioned is just sad. Are you guys in a stoner hate club? Do you get points for every attack you make on him no matter whether his comments are 'moaning' or not? You trying to win some grand prize or something?

The irony of all you people calling stoner a whinging or moaning prick is just incredible. Seriously, give him a break, give all of us a break.

never mind Ian, there are some people about with a more objective outlook, and they like Rossi and Stoner, I dont see how either of them could be hated, but there's a few knobs starting to appear about these pages who used to comment on the pages of dribble comment I assume. If you want to give us all that Rossi sux, Stoner sux comment crap, go over to please.

...and so stoner is the only rider ever been able to extract some good out of the modern ducati, and a lot of good too, and so he makes comment about how to ride the ducati, which is you have to adopt to how it needs to be ridden, and bam, you all think this is shit coming out of his mouth? What drugs are you on? I like drugs, a lot, but I'll stay away from the ones you lot use.

I don't hate Stoner. Don't particularly like him either. I think he is a fantastic rider, but he does need to stop whinging. Retire gracefully dude! Rossi, another fantastic rider. He has brought a lot of entertainment to the sport with his quirky ways. When it comes down to it though.... Both riders went to Ducati from better machinery, and both have left Ducati for better machinery!!

I don't know why any of you bother with all this starstruck stuff.It's just for kiddies and simple folks.   Get a life.

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