Talkback: Future Classics: '97 Suzuki TL1000S, '94 Honda Fireblade & '98 Triumph T595 Daytona

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28/06/2011 at 15:24
Having owned all three, (albeit a 2002 model daytona) i would largely agree with the above.
Anticipating future classics aint easy, they are not always the fastest or flashest (fizzy anyone?) but possibly best defined as "when supply ends but demand continues"

I would add the following thoughts on the bikes tested;
Daytona(2002 dssa model), owned for 2yrs, wonderful engine, crap gearbox with early ones suffering 4th gear failure. Comfortable and stable handler but a hefty lump to throw around (good choice for the "larger" rider!) Good brakes and generally reliable, though the rectifer caught fire on mine....300 hundred miles from 7.30pm...ho hum. (electrex world do an excellent replacement unit at a third of triumph part).
In the end i parted with the daytona as it was just a little bland and i never really "connected" with it.
Future classic? nah, dont really think so.

I had a 97 model for 2yrs. It already had a full race system but fuelliing on first models was crap, lots of "hunting" at sub 3.5k revs. Power Commander sorted this immediatley and highly recomended for the early bikes (later ones more sorted, but less power)
Heavy on fuel, around 30-35 mpg typical. Engines basically solid, excellent gearbox but water pump prone to leaks (meachanical seal fails, realtively cheap/easy repair) Brakes ok, nothing special (Hyabussa callipers a popular mod)
Now the handling............95% of the time, on the road, its absolutley fine with the std rear damper etc. However, this was one of the first bikes with quite radical (for its day) geometry and it NEEDS the steering damper. The retrofitted suzuki one is pretty cheap and unadjustable, so hampers low speed handling a little, but dont be tempted to remove it, i can testify to this after i followed the advice on various forums who said it was not required...and ended up with a terrifying 140mph lock to lock tankslapeer for my efforts. Only just got away with it and the damper was put back on smartish! Better option is to go for an aftermarket ohlins or similar.
Many have replaced the rear spring & damper with a Bitubo unit with good results.
Generally a good fun bike, i sold mine for a misjudged patriotic purchase of the Triumph, above.
Future classic? ...doubt it.

94 Fireblade,
I bought the urban tiger from a mate, with 36k on it. In 3 yrs and approx 8k miles it never missed a beat, the most reliable bike i have ever owned. With all polished frame, swingarm etc it looked a treat, with mint original paint and full akropovic system.
Engine should be quiet, slighlty lumpy gearbox (compared to suzukis anyway) brakes reasonable,but respond well to new fluid/lines.
Handling...i found mine to be very tyre sensitive, presumably due to the 16inch front wheel. The Dunlop D207RR of the time seemed to result in a sort of understeer, with the bike reluctant to hold a line. Changed to Pirellis and a whole world of difference, much sharper and predictable. I never experienced any further handling issues.
I wish i had held onto mine, refreshed the suspension (tired by 40k)and kept it for posterity...oh well.
Classic? oh yes...

After all of the above, i went out and bought a Benelli there is a future classic! buy one whilst they are cheap....
17/08/2011 at 02:03
hi there i live in austraila and have a urbam tiger cbr900rr the differance with my is it has got a round sticker on center of the swing arm that reads troy lee design worlds fastest race so i was just wondering if you or any one you my no of have had herd of then as i have been told thay are rare any info would be good thanks
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