Talkback: First Ride: Yamaha YZF-R125 from a female perspective

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Talkback: First Ride: Yamaha YZF-R125 from a female perspective

Hmm here in Singapore there's a guy upgrade to big bore 165cc kits.Dyno tested around 34hp@9,700rpm and a whopping 24nm@8000rpm,Top speed is around 103mph

Really good down to earth review, exactly what I was looking for, Thanks!

Hi i also am thinking of doing my cbt but was wondering what the minimum height is that i woud have to be to ride the yamaha r125.


Hahaha that is nonsense! I own a yzf r125 and I can happily cruise at 70mph/75mph. Of course when its windy, it will struggle to keep climbing up, but you should expect that from a 125cc. The clutch is light as a feather. You need to strengthen your muscles. The yzfr125 has enough power for your daily commutes and to go on A-roads by far. It has been tuned to meet the CBT category needs. more power and it will not be a legal learner bike. I have hit 83mph and thats tucked in on a long bit of road. They offer lowering kits for the bike. Furthermore I have done a 90mile during on this bike and yes I agree its not the most comfortbale but its because its a supersports and the position of the bike does not help this of course.

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@norman john - Dude your talking out your rear end. I have never come across someone to make a 165cc kit and be pushing 34hp, Malossi have made a 182kit for this bike and that produces 24bhp at the engine with POWER CAM. Your figures are completely wrong and would love to see it in real action. The 182kit with power cam allows the r125 hit high 90mph figures fairly nicely, however its great for torque and acceleration as it adds double what we have now. I'VE never even seen the 182kit hit 100mph...

First of all.
103mph on the R125 is rubbish.
Top speed with the 180cc Malossi race kit is about 95mph at a push.

Don't worry about height with this bike. There is a lowering kit, or failing that, just get used to having only your toes on the ground.
It's worth it. I am 170cm tall and could comfortably reach the ground. There are many shorter people who use this bike. Get to a dealership and sit on one before you buy though.


No. No this review is a load of rubbish!

My R125 could hold 80mph all day long on a Motorway.
And could happily cruise at 75mph on other roads.

It is PERFECTLY comfortable. I did 90 miles a day on it!
And did several 200 mile journeys.

If you want a PROPER fair review, take a look on where OWNERS who OWN the bike, and use the bike OFTEN and know it on a day to day basis can tell you what this bike is really like.

You will struggle to find a better 125 anywhere else.


Hahaha 103MPH mate mine does 190? Pfft keep up >.<

lol, " I just wonder whether an R6 can live up to the benchmark set by this superb little YZF-R125!".

Nice to see a review from a more typical street rider on an ordinary bike, rather than a track report on some exotic bike that most of us working folk will never be able to afford.

i have have a yamaha yzf r186cc malossi kit with scorpian exhaust system and mine only hits 86mph and thats with out the malossi cam so pretty good so who ever is chatting and saying it does 103mph is shit cause it doesn,t and for it to hit at least 100 you need to change both sprockets and use power cam on it  

Aww.. I miss me little yammy sr125 what fun bless )  that reminds me, i was waiting at a mini roundabout the other day to turn right and a lad on an old 125 with L plates was coming down from the left, i could have gone, but waited for him as he looked a little nervous, he wobbled round the roundabout ok and managed to nod at me as he came past, I did laugh, reminded me of myself a few years ago..whats my point? oh yes, who cares how fast it can go? )

Thanks for a great review - I've just posted about this bike and seen your article - at 5'6 I'll give it a go at the weekend!! Cheer

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