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Talkback: First Ride: Triumph Tiger 1050 SE review

I love this bike but it's too big for me and my girlfriend simply refused to try the rear seat. No sale... so please oh please Triumph - shrink this beautiful bike and do a smaller 675 Tiger SE (without the stepped seat too). I promise to buy one, maybe more.

Good review MF.

I've owned a 1050 Tiger for a few days under a year. I just rolled the odo over 12K miles, which isn't too bad for an old guy who still works 60 hours a week.

I've owned a lot of bikes in my time, and the Tiger rates at the top of the list of fun, practical, fast, good handling, great stopping, no frills bikes that I've ever owned.

Doubt I'll trade for a new Explorer, but the soon-to-come 1200 Trophy has my interest.

its a bit like a Skoda (sorry about taking cars), its not really a bike to lust after, people don't really admit to owning or wanting one, but those who do love them to bits, most people do not take these types of bike off road, be honest with how you are going to ride and this is the best of the road going variants by a long way and mega value for money, panniers are shit though... sorry about the negative at the end, its a brilliant bike.

Have owned one for 3 years now, just traded it for an Explorer. Ideally would have like to have kept it too, such a good all round bike, well built, comfy and plenty of power. A great bike !

I took delivery of my Triumph Tiger SE on the 16th August 2011,modifications from dealer in pre delivery,Radguard Arrow can & Pazzo levers.
Mods by me,gear lever upgrade to dump the weird cramped shifter.
Mirror extenders off eBay & upgraded light bulbs from triumph-online to see more clearly in both directions.
2011 Triumph Tiger SE is now the perfect bike with smooth powerful safety combined with ease & comfort!

I forgot to mention the standard screen is rubbish & was replaced with TIGER 1050 [07on] MRA VARIO touring windshield (Smoked) & also added Scottoiler eSystem for chain lubrication.I've been using Scottoiler vSystem for 10 years now on various bikes & the eSystem takes it to a very efficient professional level.Tis a shame Triumph hadn't improved these small easily corrected items....but the new Tiger Sport 1050/1200 with single sided swingarm may?

I love my Tiger, had many other bikes before but will never change to any other brand than Truimph again, the sound , power and handling is out of this world, guess my next Truimph will be the Awsome Rocket

Could not agree more, love my 1050 SE, so went to try explorer with a view to trade up to something even better. Just demonstrated how good 1050 is, I liked some of the gadgets and additional information on the explorer, but will not be changing.

Just returned from a 3600km ride taking in the Moto gp at Phillip Island . My 1050se was great except for the screen which is the taller Triumph offering. Reliable, good power,predictable handling and above average comfort. Panniers are a bit small and gear change became notchy over the ride but I have no real complaints.

just been to see and test ride a tiger 1050 at my local dealers,Am trading in my V-strom and GSR 750. The bike was fantastic and gear change was quite smooth unlike some comments I have read that said it was notchy,any way we will see I Can't wait for the touring and camping holidays

I've owned my tiger for three years done four trips in Switzerland and about Europe,every kind of hill and bend you can imagine , the bike has passed every challenge with honours great tank range over two hundred miles per tank . The only downside are the panniers heavy to start with and don't hold much! . Chain guard is crap oil all under pannier, rear shock not to good either,I have fitted ohlins rear shock and extended chain guard, now the bike is perfect . I've been riding bikes for thirty years now and had them all R1 SP2 Fireblades etc, and the tiger does it all,recently test rode a multisrada but still prefer my tiger.

Hi Steve58. Would be interested to hear how you're getting on with the Tiger 1050 having traded your Strom for it. I still itch for the soulful tones of the trumpet, but wanted to know how the pair compared in the real world? Economy, tank range, comfort and anything else :-)

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