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Talkback: First of the 2013 Harley-Davidsons

What about the xr1200x?

I can't believe you used the word "new" and "Harley Davidson" in the same sentence. They might make something 'new' if they'd get off their collective butts and put the V-Rod motor/trans in something like a sport touring bike, or a 'nekkid' bike that likes to go around corners.

Anyone know a good laser doc?.. I have a Harley tattoo I need removed.

Another tart's handbag. Overweight, over priced and over here.

i have my own m-bike..yamaha mt , so i have lot of fun every days..with my friend.

They have 2 wheels and an engine. Embrace that.
They are not my thing either, but they belong to the same group as the rest of us... motorcycles.

Who cares about the technology (or lack there of). We all prefer 2 wheels to 4... regardless of engine size or market segment.
The best way for motorcycling to survive is for us to below to 1 group. Motorcyclists.

And this is news? lol, coming from a former Harley owner.

It's not the bike that's the problem - it's the hard man image and the rightwing political views that sicken. It is an old fashioned bike but that's OK; some of them look really funny too.

Harleys are like Ducatis, an aquired taste. Both brands are stupidly quirky. There is a 2007 CVO Softtail and a 2012 Night Rod Special in our garage. Both  are as reliable as a stone ax. My lady (a shit-hot road racer) rides the Softtail. She LOVES Harleys, which are a state of mind more than anything else. U.S. racers and Europeans in general forgive the ancient dry clutch rattle, weird ergos and unreliability of the Ducati but are equally tough on Harley-Davidson. I call elitism.  

Its cute how sport bike riders or others go out of their way to trash HD and I have yet to see an HD rider waste time going to a news story about metrics and commenting.

Its like moths drawn to the flame except in this case it is morons drawn to the news article. Silly rabbits no one cares what you think about HD. The obsession you guys have speaks volumes.

I am surprised some of you were able to even get the captcha image right. I guess some tards can read and count.

Im glad to own my hd, and am very proud it is usa made. Plain an d simple if honda, susuki etc, were american, they would e in my garage too. They perform well, just cant read the labels on the parts. Lol

Ride what you want people .I will ride my Harley and i will love doing it.You all have my respect as long as you give it.Ride safe...I have a touring bike 20008 Ultra Electra Glide Classic FLHTCU

The only bike out their " is harley davidson' even though High price /no power' Been riding them for 40 years and DO NOT PLAN ON RIDING ANY THING ELSE" THats it"""""""

Nothing like a Harley,the rumble, the ride and it is made In America!!!Nothing compares to it and never will.

Simply. There are Harley riders, and the rest are Want to be Harley riders!!

The thinking here from HD owners is as about as modern as the bikes. IQ of room temperature, I'd say.

I have been riding 40+ years. I ride more miles in a year than anybody below will probably ever ride in a life time! I have raced on bikes you probably wouldnt reconize and some that you are loyal to today. I do my trips on a grandpa 2012 Harley Ultra Classic CVO with double the amount i paid for it in engine extras and other stuff of add on's. I couldnhave bought a fleet of your bikes if i wanted to. Let me share a story with you of why I ride a Harley. Last summer I rode in one day Sturgis to Nashville 1423 miles. Two more quick stories. I live about 4 hours from the dragon (I'm guessing you have a picture or T-shirt you jack off to, in your bedroom) anyways I took off with a couple guys that politely (most of you are polite little pussy's in person-not all but most) told me I may want to let them go first as not to get in the way. I did, not for that reason, i wantedvto teach you that a grandpa on his grandpa bike could smoked your ass on the way down. As i sat and waited i just laughed.

I am frustrated by the negative responses. If you don't like something fine. I don't like little girly riders pulling their bikes on a trailer in my fucking way as they respond about how fucked up a Harley rider is. Put down the phone and get out of the way. Better yet park the trailer and ride. Want to talk about the macho imige shit. Earn it ride it for years in and years out through rain and snow. Than tell me about the imige.

What I am really trying to tell you is take your significant other out to buy a new coach purse to go with your personality!

"Significant other" eh? Does that mean you are a homosexualist? And you say you don't like women. There's nothing wrong with being that way of course but you should say so and be proud of that and your Harley.   Thanks for your first story on riding a Harley - it wasn't very long, but boy was it interesting. How do you know that you ride more miles than anyone else and how does this make you a better person? You say your bike is very expensive and suggest that this is a good thing. Well I'm sorry youve been suckered - again.You've paid a lot of money for a lowtech third world bike. And that's fine if James Watt is your engineer. I don't knock it. I was in India and rode those Royal Enfields, taking me back to the  1950s which is the buzz that you get. Vintage bikes are fun.   PS I have never heard of a coach purse - is it an accessory for a Harley? Bling I suppose.....    

Hugh, I apoIigize for my response above didn't realize it would print, I am sincerely apologetic for the inappropriate words! When I get frustrated I write makes me feel better than pitch! I hadn't at that time accepted membership so I "assumed" it wouldn't print.

I am sincerely apologetic, and regret my inappropriate response!


For me jerk your wimpy asexual and liberal ways that sicken. Who cares if you like HD's or not, why even comment? I don't look at Jap bike articles, they don't interest me.

I have owned Honda's, Norton's and Harley's and I currently have a 2011 Road Glide Ultra. My Dad picked me and my Mom up from the hospital when i was born over 60 years ago. I don't care what you ride or what you do in your spare time. I just have resect for my Fellow Bikers (until you give me a reason not to). So all you whiners and haters should really find out that waht does matter is we all RIDE!!! Peace out!!!

I forgot to add when Dad picked us up it was on a 45 flathead with a side hack.

It's good to talk and good to have a rant now and again.   Loyd Duncan however is off the wall, with his post full of jargon that no-one understands or cares about.The only flathead here is Mr Duncan who was dropped on his head as a baby and that's why he is suckered into liking HDs. They're only for men who feel inferior in all sorts of ways, and the farty HD bikes make 'em feel big, if you know what I mean.   Me, liberal? You bet! Me, progressive, you bet!

I don't care what you ride as long as you ride responsibly. I love all bikes. If I could have a dozen bikes in my garage, there'd be a dozen different brands, but I can only justify having one(for now), so that one bike is a HD Road Glide Custom. If you prefer another brand, I respect that and will be happy to ride with anybody whether we're ticking away the miles on the highway or dragging pegs(in my case floorboards) through the twisties. As in the current political climate, we have so much in common, but we let a few small differences drive us apart. Our passion for bikes should bring us together and our different tastes make for good conversation, and good-natured ribbing, when we stop to stretch our legs. As a biker, you have my respect unless you ride like an a$$hole, or talk s?!t like one. I'll see ya out on the road, keep the rubber side down.

Good post Chris, except for the idea that HDs can turn corners. No matter, I agree with you,in general. Come over to Europe and experience freedom and you'll get a big welcome from Euro Bikers. We've seen the tent cities in the US and you surely want to leave that behind. So come on over and ride the roads of Europe - it's a lot of fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like you might be able to answer a question. I had a 09 FLHT that had 37,000 miles on it when I traded up. The only changes to the bike were new grips and a K & N air filter. I have surfed the web and catalogs looking for a better air filter housing than Harley Davidsons stock design. I had the bike drown out from down pours a coupe of times. I bought a 2012 FLHTC. So far I've put maybe 7,000 miles on it. Thats just daily riding to and from work. The occassional ride around falls into the picture at times. My bike is my truck. I'm a trucker that Rides....I'm working on 2 million safe miles since 2001. I have less than 100,000 miles on bikes since 08.

I beg to differ Hugh.
I own an 08 H.D.Streetglide. I have ridden it through the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the Blue Ridge Mountains of N.C.
I have ridden the Tail of the Dragon and Moonshiner 28. Can I ride it like someone on a Ninja? Of course not but I sure as hell can ride it.
I have never owned nor do I plan on owning anything but a Harley but I respect the rights of anyone to own whatever they choose and will gladly ride with you and lend a helping hand to any rider any time reguardless of what they are riding. My only comment would be that while an H.D. may seem overpriced they hold thier value FAR better than anything from Japan. Ride what you want and enjoy what you ride.

@ Huge Arse You Sir may kiss my Arse! What do you ride? A pink Vespa?

I used to ride Japanese bikes, just the usual stuff to me..rode GP racers etc..could go on, but own personal bike now is a Harley..I like everything about them, the sound, the looks, the feel..and the character. Each to their own moment in their own time I suppose, it took many years for me to get back to what motorcycling is all about..and that's what my Harley means to me. Whatever kinda bike you ride, ought to mean something to you too. I find with life, that some people rather than be happy with what you have, would rather take it from you, whether it be in words or deeds..anything other than achieve that happiness for themselves. I like most bikes, it's just that mine's a Harley that brings happiness to me.

Had and 883 a 1200 sportster and a 1450 dyna over the years, had jap bikes and Italian. If you remove all the prejudice and bias the jap bikes come out best overall. Started biking back in 1975 and after many bikes settled with a ZRX1200R had it 8 years now,take it to work every day never had a single problem with it. A brilliant all rounder.

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