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Talkback: Ducati up for sale?

Mahindra!? Dear God no! I'd never see Ducati the same way again if they're bought up by the likes of those who come up with crap like the Mahindra Scorpio 4X4!

It would be sad to see it sold to a car company. However Honda, BMW, Husquvana and Suzuki both make cars. Kawasaki are a heavy industries company, so the rationale is logical. If so then the best place for it to be is with Fiat surely. They already have close ties with Ferrari.

If it goes to VW Ducati's will instantly lose any character. If to an Indian company then the focus would diverge into smaller and cheaper models. Not happened at Jag but I reckon it would there.

I just want to point out that £1 billion is not the equivalent of $1.6 million.

Das Moto?

I just can't stop thinking:

MV-Davidson... Harley-Agusta... Mahincati? Volcati? Nooooo!!!!!

@lol lol - Pretty close, though:

1,000,000,000.00 GBP = 1,570,090,430.01 USD -

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That's a joke right? Cause it's off by about a 1000 times.

Quite right lol lol. lol

Nah that's Just the state of the British economy right now. The person who wrote that clearly is capable of predicting the future. I advise everyone buys some dollars immediately :-)

@ skoop. Try reading it again bud. ;-)

To be honest, as long as Ducati are left alone to get on with doing their thing I doubt it will be a big issue. The new owner won't want to devalue the brand. For example rebadging them 'Ducati by Mahindra' or whatever isn't likely to happen.

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