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Talkback: Dovizioso confirms place at Ducati

Bye Dovi ... been nice knowing you.

Looks like it's going to be Crutchlow and Smith in Tech 3 next year!

Oh, and for the record, I think Dovi's new attitude makes him come across like Stoner, but without the alien level talent to balance it out. The things he comes out with are almost as stupid as his hat.

Enjoy fighting for 8th place on the Duke...

I still can't see the sense in giving Smith the Tech 3 ride, I know it's contractual but surely lack of results should void the this. All that will happen is next year we will have one Tech 3 mid field and the other running with the Duke's (maybe).

If they need another Englishmen on the grid, then Scott Redding every time

Its hard to judge Smith this year as he is on a Tech3 chassis and he is beating his team mate, Redding under performs especially in races and its worrying that his team mate appears to be getting the better of him now.

Cal seems to be doing the same as last year, starting off well and then finishing badly, we rave about Cal but to be honest he is now being beaten by a bloke that most people on this board rate as average at best, the one Ducati have hired, what does that make Cal ?

I think Cal is lucky that Ducati want Dovi, but these racers all have the mindset that they can do something nobody else can, I believe its called ego and I am sure Dovi believes be can do what Stoner did on the Ducati, I think the odds of that are about a million/1 and I'm being generous, Cal needs to stay with Tech 3 and kill Smith next year or it will likely be his last.

fluke and mikeprytherch - I agree with you both 100%

Smith is an unproven racer. I remember all the fuss Abraham caused when he moved to GP without a single race win in Moto2, and everyone cried 'It's because his Daddy has money! It's unfair to other racers!' - well, what has Smith proved that Abraham didn't? In my opinion he has talent, but he doesn't have that 'racer' mentality and competitive streak that Redding has in spades. I'd like to see Redding on the Tech3 (or anything other than a Ducati) to get out of Moto2 in which his frame does him no favours, and Smith on a competitive bike, such as a Suter or Kalex in Moto2.

As for Cal, although I love seeing a Brit on the world stage, I have always been a bit cautious of backing him. More often than not, when he has put his money where his mouth is, it hasn't paid off.

Dovi is doing well due to a lack of competition, Stoner seems to have his mind elsewhere, Spies has gone off the boil, then you have Rossi and Hayden who are banging their heads against a brick wall.
Next year will be tougher, Stoner will be gone, but Lorenzo is still the man to beat, Rossi will be back on a competitive bike, Bradl will have a year of GP racing under his belt and will be keen to prove himself, it’s make or break for Pedrosa, plus Marquez could be a cat amongst the pigeons.

I really feel the odds are stacked against Dovi, Cal and Smith...

Japanese still laughing.

There are strong rumours around that the Panigale is turning out to be as big a lemon as the GP bike in terms of handling.

Why did they think that the technology that failed so spectacularly on a race bike would work on a road bike?

I've heard conflicting reports to be honest. Some people have said the Panigale is a truly great bike (Guinters) and some have said it's not so hot (well, he didn't say it, but it's what I HEARD he said (Checa). And to be honest, for it's first time out in the European and British Superstock, it doesn't seem to be going THAT badly.

Dovi is a bell-end if he thinks he can tame the Ducati.
He doesn't deserve a factory ride anyway, he had one at Repsol Honda and couldn't make the grade.
He should retire with some self-respect after a reasonable year at Tech 3.

Retire after so maybe podiums and currently running 4th in the championship? Yea that makes absolutely no sense at all. Dovi deserved the factory Yama but it got smoked from him by Rossi. So as secondary option he will be on a Duc...I think it's a right call and if anyone deserves its him.

Smith should stay put he does not deserve a motogp. Cal should stay put or head to Gresini as he too does not deserve a motogp although I think the duc may suit his style...

Would a 4.650.000$ pay increase per year explain Dovi's decision, do you Think?

Rumours that Cal will stick with Tech 3 seem pretty accurate by the looks of it, and as for him not bringing it out of the bag on race day, he certainly brought it home at the last round! Redding’s rumoured to be in talks with Gresini now, so we’ll wait and see if you get your wish, Fluke…

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