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Talkback: Caption That: War wounds

No serious damage, His abrasion resistance leaves a lot to be desired but at least he had plenty of padding!

Following a narrow but daring escape from the hog pen, Gunter defiantly takes
Farmer John's scooter for a joy ride..

Chiks Dig Scars

Fat bikers bounce better, but still bleed..

That's not from a bike crash, I got those scrapping for a cheeseburger

Chuck's weight loss strategy shows it's inherent drawbacks.

Mmm. Hog Scratchings.

Wide load try's filtering.. and looses.

They said I wouldn't be able to get my knee and elbow down on a Harley, I sure showed them!

Twatt should have worn leathers!!!

The new Jenny Craig diet !!

Who has HOGged the Pork Scratchings?

Fast forward 2018 ! Harley in moto gp and Casey stoner takes their Prototype for a spin to hungry jacks !

Knee down elbow down ouch wheres my leathers


I knew I should've left my stabilisers on!

Dr David Parker had let himself go a bit in recent times


Gino Rea tries out his latest fat suit leathers whilst test riding a Harley

Wendle on his way for Liposuction after an embarrasing incident at an unexpected width restriction barrier.

The roads get greasy enough as it is without draggin pork belly's over em!

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

That pic is from a road in America, HWY 129, referred to as the Dragon, Tail of the Dragon, Deal's Gap.....The pic is probably from Killboy, who takes pics up there and sells them off his website. So, my caption is a riff off an old Frank Zappa song, Dirty Love.....

"The dragon bites, the dragon chews it".

One of America's smaller citizens reveals the results of his newly discovered weight loss technique.

Slimboy Hawgwaller Lincoln defends his god given right to ride in "wut the hell ah likes po' boy", including granny's chamber pot

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