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Talkback: Caption That: Slight mishap

Lean angle


rivals at war- you loose!

marg finally managed to get her pegs down.

"...And this bike tried cornering itself."

Looking on the bright side, that tie-down strap hasn't been damaged.

Honda's mass-centralisation concept proved to be a top-heavy marketing conceit rather than a technical triumph.

Sorry mate, didn't see you...

The Simoncelli Trailer revealed itself as having one or two cornering issues...

Didn't the Atlantis disaster teach you anything..? DON'T let the woman drive...

Now that's what I call trailer trash...

Uhh, What was that again; "Shinny side up? Rubber side up?" I know one's supposed to be up, but I'm just so damn confused right now.

“I knew I shouldn’t have left the kitchen...”

“Damn....I’ll be on my knees for a month after this!”

I KNEW I should have fitted crash bungs to the trailer...

Will it polish out ?

Debbie's Motorcycle trailer business made a bad turnover this year.

Well Maverick baby - don't give up the day job.

i wont be buying one of those,they dont corner very well.

Shit. The trailer has fallen off the bike again.

I won't try that overtake manouever again....

Forgot my birthday again did you? Well here's a little reminder

I'm sure i herd somewhere that upside down forks are better for handling !!!!

Bummer !!

Now, I know I forgot something - was it my handbag? No, I've got that. Oh, I remember I HAD A TRAILER ON THE BACK!!!

bbrringg......Hi Honey, I have some good news and some bad news.....
Babe, don't you be giving me any bad news PLEASE....
ok honey, well there isn't a single scratch on the car.

Unhitched, unhinged and soon to be unmarried!

Mavis was happy to confirm her satisfaction that the bike was securely strapped to the trailer!!!

And not one of you noticed it's a lh drive car, she's on the passenger side and the door is open? My guess is that whoever drove the car - must be her sister, a guy wouldn't do such a stupid thing - is the one taking the picture.

When I said lean the bike and get your knee down on the bends I meant when the bike was off the trailer!!

My parents always said motorbikes were dangerous!

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