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Talkback: Caption That: Keep it in the family

Poor Kid hang out with the wrong type already....doesn't stand a chance in life... 

Taking their cue from the tobacco industry, Harley’s marketing department laid a bold youth marketing strategy to get them into those bad habits early.

doesnt even look like real leather? Poser from the start

Child abuse!

The Accident Commission announces that riding a Harley can take years off your life.

Need the toilet now....oops to late

If only he knew he was going to grow up to be that fat ginger tosser Tony Carter

When I grow up, I want to be a sad f**ker just like my Dad.

Truck those helmet laws! I am proud and free!

Yes, managed to get rid of the bike, now if I can just figure out how to work this damn zipper!

No, they did not name the Fat Boy after me.

I'm Barnaby Wild.....

The jacket I like but Dad, I'm ditching the mullet...

When he grows up he wants to be a lardy arsed harley riding ginger tosser with a shitty arse like his dad! 

Aayyyyy sit on it

When he grows up he wants to be a lardy arsed harley riding ginger tosser with a shitty arse like his dad!  Then again only his dad and Gary Glitter would like......farkin sad!

Altho 'keeping it in the family' is a bit pikey...........Does this kid really fuck his mother?????  

Average mental age of Hardley riders on the increase.

The face only a Paedo could love....... he needs is one of those DOT. approved bandannas

Looks like the ginger mincer has been cottaging with George Michael.......

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Must have something to do with Hardley Ablesome  riders as he has a colostomy bag pocket on the front of his leather jacket, like the old grey haired fags on the insurance  advert......they wear chaps so they can change their nappies pronto! either that or ready for some brighton buggery!

Pass me that joint momma  before I bitch slap your fat ass!!

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 and they said all Harley enthusiasts were "old" farts !

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