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Talkback: Caption That: Clean licence

"That's one squeaky clean rear end you have then son....."

First of the 2013 Harley Davidson Range of bikes...
See Related Link ;-)

"You have a leak son"

Isn't that just a Reliant Robin cabriolet?

Geoff. It seems from your caption post that you are a bit of a closet "guy". Come out, strut your stuff and give us a smile.

It's a bathtub Triumph, officer.

Despite his best efforts, Roy wasn't able to make a clean getaway...

I know I was breaking the speed limit, officer, but I wanted to get home before the water got cold.

Confirmation: Gary Lineker will do anything for a few extra quid.

Police severely disappointed when "Sexy Teen Naked Carwash Service" arrives....

nah he's clean sarg

Well officer, I was going to show you a clean pair of heels but I wouldn't want to find myself in hot water.

I don't mind riding in the wet at all !!

Heath Gowers , ,eh? Did you make that up?

Look at that daft sod on a monkey bike, bloody exhibitionist!

I was told to make a clean getaway.

Yes huge arse it is my real name , it's my mothers doing ha ha

Looking closely it could almost be Daniel Craig on set of the bond film

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