Talkback: BMW: 'Honda and Yamaha are killing MotoGP'

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Talkback: BMW: 'Honda and Yamaha are killing MotoGP'

Dear BMW,

Grow a pair, roll your sleeves up and just stop whinging and get stuck in.


Alternatively leave it alone, let it die, & say I told you so... at this stage of their involvement & in this economic climate which you would you suggest?

Mr. BMW isn't wrong, the best is always the enemy of the rest. If you don't have a chance of winning, why bother?

Funny how BMW don't mention their tackling of F1 rules when they were at the top of their game.

Motogp has always meant to be at the forefront of technology.

Pagik... totally agreed.

is easy to speak from outside. Grow and go to the fight, b**ches

BMW is absolutely right, and with Honda announcing building a cheap RC213V to peddle to satellite, independant and CRT teams get ready to see a whole lotta Hondas on the grid. BORING!

Now wonder Kawi and Suzuki bowed out. Who wants to watch a 2 manufacturer series anways? I can wait for 2015 to come where the all bikes will be restricted down to CRT spec.

Theres also the round of negotiations going on at Assen this weekend, where a spec ECU, banning carbon brakes, limiting rev limit will all be discussed. This is MotoGP, not HondamahaTV

Actually the most interesting series at the moment is a Honda Engine only one.It does level the playing field somewhat and makes for exciting and close racing as we've witnessed. Moto2 rocks!

imagine how many bmws they could shift if they beat honda and yamaha at their own game?

i think bmw should win some WSBK championships before talking about racing in the premier league of motorcycle racing, the racing is at a different level in motogp and those who disagree with me should listen to the likes of crutchlow and spies

personally i think old style customer prototypes that honda are now going to build again will be the answer. but they need to get the rest of the manufacturers involved including suzuki.

Couldn't agree more there Ken. (obviously with the exception of my frightfully insightful inital comments). It's only a matter of time before Furusawa plays Yamahas hand with the CRT thing. Suzuki have already pretty much admitted their effort will be CRT.

JP, what would you rather have then? 5 or 6 prototypes parading round,or a mixed grid of 20 + bikes CRT's and prototypes all shooting it out?

I know what I'd rather have...and it's not the former...

Its not honda and yamaha who are killing it. That would be dorna. Besides, its not only honda and yamaha who have been pouring cash into it for years. Everybody else has been doing the exact same thing, its just honda nd yamaha who have come out ontop. So you can hardly turn around and say YOU DID THIS to any single manufacturer.

Without the financial crisis i think the majority of the manufacturers would still be involved in it and pouring their millions into the paddock. And that would include BMW imo.

And lets face it. Employing Marco Melandri and Leon in WSBK is not exactly going to have been cheap for BMW in WSBK. And I'm certain that they didn't really need to Marco a brand new M5 for his "run around" this year.

Tires are the real issue.... they only need all that electronic BS so they don't spin up exiting the corners. If you can fine tune your bike to work fast and not use up the tires then you have a great chance of winning. Make a better more durable tire and the pace doesnt drop off so much, more riders can battle it out longer and the racing is better.

Think about it.... single source tires means he who controls the tire supplier (dorna) can control the race & manufactures.

@JP's people with your mindset and people like p@$$y Bernhard Gobmeier that kills MotoGP. GP represent highest technological advancements...if BMW can't compete then STFU & GTFO.

Grid full of CRTs?! That's when GP will really die.

RR2. Why are you, (and a whole load of others so dead set against CRT)? We had a form of CRT back in the day with the RG's TZ's and NS's. And i recall the acing being utterly fantastic!!!!


Bridgestone DID give a tyre that lasted the race (and more) everyone (apart from Stoner) said it took ages to get any heat into it, and it's peak was about 15 laps after each race had finished. Hence why Bridgestone have the new compounds this year.

I would agree that the single tyre manufacturer rule is daft though, bring back Michelin I say!!!

Not that I don't agree MOTO GP can be boring at the best of times, but I think it's a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Next to the aprillia rsv4 the s1000 rr is the most technically advanced road bike/ world superbike

I hate to say this, but as a spectacle Moto GP now sucks. No depth in talent or performance and too small numbers on the grid. Maybe we have already seen the best it's ever going to be, but if F1 can try to pull it's self around (and to their credit, the last few races have been more exciting), there might be a chance for Moto GP. But it will have to change and that means more manufacturers employing top riders.

Pagik, my man... agreed more.

Let others tyre manufacturers sell their technology... Pirelli, Michelin...

I miss you, NS, TZ and etc

Personally I would like to see the main factories allow other teams to purchase older engines and stick them in prototype frames.

This would provide closer racing throughout the field, but still allow Honda, Yamaha and any other factory to still develop machinery.

I am with others on the tyre rules too. Free it all up!

If the intention is to stay with CRT, then they have to be competetive. I would wager a hefty bet that RDP on his Aprilla could not beat Eugene Laverty on his!

What a bullshit comment from BMW. Why on earth would a manufacturer want to be uncompetitive in a prototype series? Fair enough if they said can we bring in a rule to maybe let the newer teams catch up? Saying their ruining the sport though?!!!

Er... If they weren't out there, there wouldn't be a sport!!

Pagik put it perfectly: "grow a pair BMW'

As for some guy saying there a lack of talent in motogp? Could you please explain then why any racer than steps up into the series struggles to be competitive? They also tend to mutter phrases like "Yeah, but these guys are SERIOUSLY fast)...

Why would BMW bother? They are doing great selling actually bikes on the floor. They have nothing to gain by spending a boat load of money in MotoGP.

S1000RR is very popular superbike worldwide, if not the most popular.

Some of you would be great CEO's, really ....

Mav, excellent point about the "no talent in Moto GP". Gary, the thing with the Aprilia is that Eugene gets about 20 motors a season. So they are all "grenade" motors. RDP gets 10, or is it 12? I can't remember....

I have to agree with Pagik/Maverick and people on that train of thought. You cannot, even as BMW, expect to walk into the top flight (it is, no question*) of motorcycle racing and be at the front right away. The bikes are generally evolution, not revolution, they evolve piece by piece and that takes time. The path Ducati are on at the moment is painstaking, it's lot of effort with no guarantee of success, but name a sport that doesn't work that way? Sport is about putting everything possible in, then lining up and seeing who's done the best.

GP has had some hits in the last few years, but all motorsport has, do you think people are happy about F1 going to 1.6l turbos? It's odd but it's the way it's going, times change. The money available to these sports has vastly changed direction. Monster and Redbull have stepped in to replace the Tobacco companies of old, the economy then was stronger, and this is one hell of an expensive circus. Each year, people need to generate a tangible business case for continuing in a sport like this, and when the left arm of a company is making working men redundant, it's hard to argue the toss about racing.

I'm Glad Honda and Yamaha are still in, I'm in utter applause of Ducati despite all their issues, that as a company, who are tiny compared to Honda are still at it, and trying to fight for a win in this class. They could have taken an easier path and dominated WSBK but they chose to go this way.

I see CRT as the start, not the end, and the path to getting lower cost 'Production racers' in is good, as Pagik said that's what we had in the days of the RG's/TZ'd/NS bikes - those days we're fantastic, and I'd welcome more of them. I think it's a jump to get there but I'm happy Honda, Yamaha, Ducati and a gaggle of independent CRT teams are keeping the series warm while everyone else finds their balls and gets ready to jump in.

mxs mxs - As for why they'd bother, more people watch MotoGP than watch WSBK, and as much as it's a technical exercise, it's also a marketing exercise. It's by FAR cheaper to employ two or four very fast riders and rent track time and compare your times than it is to go racing in an organized series. The first allows you to 'develop', the second allows you to get noticed.

*top flight for bikes/bike development - No other world racing series has prototype bikes of this level, designed for the sole purpose of going around grand prix tracks as fast as technically possible. I think it's the top flight of 'technical' racing - i.e. on the limit of what is currently physically possible in a reasonably safe environment. It needs an immensely skilled rider to get the bikes near these limits.

While I love GP, I also love the TT but for the polar opposite, the TT is to me, about having a massive pair of balls and a lot of talent, it's more about the human limit than the bike being on it's physical limit for the whole lap.

It's already dead, just no one told them. RIP

It's not dead. The fact that you're commenting is proof that it's alive and kicking.. Fact is we all love it. We want it to be better, sure.. But even kev and wayne had their boring moments. Are we all such suckers for the consumerist: "must be an upgrade from last time" view that is ever more presently programmed into us???? If that's the case, surely we're the losers and not the sport???

Motor gp - apart from watching Cal scithing through from a bad start its boring. Moto 2 watching Scott Redding back it in everywhere and Moro 3 Danny Kent fairing bashing - now that's real racing.

Translation: "They build better Moto GP bikes than we ever could so we'll just whine a bit instead of taking up the challenge".

Maybe an idea for BMW to improve on the quality and reliability of their more recent road bikes before even thinking about competing in Moto GP.

Typical Germans, still sore about the past, if you cant hack the pressure mate be off with you back to Bavaria where straight line speed is ok.....

As far as Honda and Yamaha are corncerned I think they have earned the right, BMW seem to think they should Automatically have right to get a place on the Grid and be competitive, superbikes are showing just how tough it is for them... they expect results GERMAN PHILOSOPHY.... GET on WITH IT wimps...oh and for the course i drive a Mercedes CLK BLACK eat your hearts out beemers

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