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Talkback: 180mph Canadian speeder's bike seized

This bloke is aiming to win a Darwin Award.

I think he'll achieve his ambition very soon.

What a complete and utter penis.


Yeah its only a matter of time for this guy.

Mother, would you please buy me a new Fireblade? I'm tired of that old R1. Thanks!

w@nker !!

is this the loophole in Canadian Traffic Law?????????? As long as a Vehicle is registered in another persons name you can ride/drive like a F1 driver or MotoGp rider and not have to worry about tickets or any prosecution for anything?

"loophole"....there's no evidence to directly link the lad to the bike.

Somewhere, those people who need new organs are cheering him on!!

Here in Oz, I hear of plenty of blokes riding around without a licence. "If you haven't got one, you haven't got one to lose" is what they say. It doesn't work out well if you're pulled over for a minor infringement or licence check, but if you're snapped on a camera doing Mach 10 it works out very well.


Now his dear old Mum has splashed out for the fines he incurred in her name perhaps she should start saving for a nice pine box for him! Or lots of small bags and a bucket to put the muchy bits into.

Well, the report says "suspected rider" and without any proof there's no chance of a conviction so they wouldn't charge him. It's the registered owner of the bike who will be charged (Mum) if she fails to identify the rider, or is Canadian law even dafter than UK law ?

Whoever the rider was he/she is a first-division, grade-one idiot. Just join a club and get it out of your system on a track before you kill yourself and/or someone else.

Hmm, not sure about this, it worries me that motorcyclists are starting to sound like the sad, scarred, conformist 'sensible' riders that the authorities want us to be.

The bike is obviously geared down

I agree captainkirk.

what a nice piece of riding. Well done that lad.

No blood, no foul.

The fool is a well known local 'village idiot' Shunned by most people.
Not the speeds that are frightening but that it's in Urban traffic. Only a few miles north the hiway is; new massive secluded and almost entirely empty. Strange Ego motivations at play here.
He is avoided.. for genuine reason. The vid was uploaded from his own home computer...a genius at work here.

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Captain Kirk and Dave Muir, I'm with you on this one. I cannot believe the self righteous twaddle that some people get into. Why don't you all take up stamp collecting instead?

I recal all too well the same sort of cock spouted by these self rightious nobends on here when way back in the mid 70's the dickwads who bought into the jap scrap thing and all got Hondas or whatever other rice berner took their fancy. Us lot that stuck to the Brit way of doing things and blasted round with open pipes making a wonderful sound while said Honda 'nice people' rode round at 'sensible' speeds making a sound very like a vacuum cleaner. Screw the law, screw the law abiding nobsters, we ride bikes because we are bad to the bone and proud of it.
xx yest another silver haired totally mad bastard.

WOW! Impresive. To all you nay sayers;It's a sports motorcycle. That's what it does for fuck sake. Why don't you cut your own balls off and save the authorities the trouble? Oh, sorry. You already did.

It's not that he is going too fast but that the other drivers are going too slowly.

I don`t think captainkirk will ever get a job on the Starship Enterprise with his attitude to dangerous riding.And the comment made by David Muir quote "what a nice piece of riding' Does he not realise that the only reason this idiot on the bike is not being scraped off the tarmac is simply because he was lucky.Lucky that no car moving into another lane pulled out in front of him.What was his escape plan traveling at 180 mph sandwiched between two vehicles, if a vehicle further ahead pulled out in front of him? No,this is not skillful riding,this is riding on a wing and a prayer.This is a rider hoping that everyone else on the road will drive in a responsible manner,so he can ride recklessly down the road without getting killed.Maybe it`s time we thought about giving these incompetent riders flashing warning devices to put on their bikes similar to those used by the emergency services.Say for instance,a red flashing light that they can activate when they want to ride like maniacs.The flashing light would indicate to other road users that a dangerous,unskilled,selfish rider with a death wish was approaching and to move out of their way.And finally,to those who condone the riders actions,will you still feel the same way if,due to his dangerous riding, he takes out a car on the road and kills everyone in it.

They probably seized his bike for being a pussy! 1m 36s empty right hand sweeper and he rolls off?! That was easily flat in top. Don't give up the day job chump

No skill or courage here, just the ability to turn a throttle and no imagination of what will eventually happen to him. Go road racing if you really want to go fast but be prepared to be lapped, cause you ain't as good as you think you are sunshine.

Fuck me that's dangerous! Organ donor wannabe.

It's funny how people feel the need to risk the lives of everyone around them doing these excessive speeds, and then upload the video onto YouTube. "Look at me. Look how big my penis is".

Why don't they head to the track and race people who actually want to race them?

I'm all for having fun on a bike, speeding included, but when you get your kicks from racing against people who just want to drive their family safely from one city to another then you aren't "bad to the bone", you're a bell-end.

Good technology saves many a stupid noggin.

I think this time of riding and this 220 km very big distance only honda bike cover this distance.


My bmx is faster...

Wicked harder on a harley but looks gd fun bet he shit lol its his life let him live it doesn't affect any of us

So in case anyone was wondering what eventually happened...

When this case went to court, the Crown could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt who was on the bike, and the kid wouldn't admit to anything. The judge dismissed the charges against him...

However, the Crown did prove its case that the motorcycle 'owned' by the mother was the same one as in the video (apparently from minute markings on the instruments and windscreen). The motorcycle was seized by the government and sold off at auction.

The alleged speeder left town to go work in the oil fields of northern Alberta, and so far as I know has not gotten into trouble with the police since.

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