Two new books from Survival Skills at

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Two new books from Survival Skills at

The first is "The MAG Columns".

As information for those of you who aren't MAG members (and why not??), I've been writing a bike safety column in the Motorcycle Action Group's magazines "Streetbiker" and more recently "The Road" since 2002. I've now put all 40+ articles together and published them as a real book! The articles cover genuinely useful stuff to riders at all levels, everything from riding in fog, snow and rain, to dealing with hairpin bends and planning a trip abroad, to improving your riding in the winter off-season by using sports psychology techniques.

The second is called "Riding with the Devil" and is a biographical look at the first part of my riding history, from 1975 to 1990.

Prompted by various people on the forum (you know who you are) to put some of my amusing, the not-so-amusing and occasionally rather painful experiences together in one place, I've written a book which has also been published as a paperback. This collection of anecdotes takes the reader through my ourney as a novice rider dicing with London traffic for the first time, through my days as a courier and on forays into Europe, as well
as offering thoughts and observations on things that have annoyed and fascinated me on my time as a motorcyclist.  

Both books are available now from my new Survival Skills Publishing website I've also embraced social networking. I have a Twitter account, and you can drop in on my Facebook page and say 'hi'.

Selling out fast! I'm down to the last few still in stock of the first batch printed of each book - so if you want to order for Christmas, get your orders in now, before MIDNIGHT THURSDAY 16 to ensure delivery in time for Xmas. Orders received after that will be processed as quickly as possible but delivery may not make it in timeRiding with the DevilThe MAG Columns Order securely on our website at

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