Traffic-light plague sweeps UK: Safety culture strangles Blighty

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28/02/2011 at 14:44
Interesting read 9even if a bit odd for a computer site)

'Analysis A massive increase in the number of traffic lights – and an un-discussed 2005 increase in the priority given to pedestrians – is gradually causing the roads to grind to a halt, according to a new report.

In London for instance, despite a large number of motorists having been permanently deterred from driving by congestion charging, congestion is back to pre-charge levels with no increases in traffic: according to the new analysis this is largely due to the fact that the city now has many more traffic lights and they are programmed to give more priority to pedestrians and buses.'

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28/02/2011 at 20:37
Here in Leeds I think the traffic planners have shares in the traffic light manufacturers. I've lost count of the reasonable roudabout junctions that have been ripped up and replaced with total abortions of traffic light combinations. There  is one set where they built a road accross the middle, supposedly to help through traffic. They light controlled it so it is quicker to go round the outside. Breathtaking intelligence.
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