Ooh urr missus it's gone all wobbly!!

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15/06/2008 at 10:49

I'm pootling along the lovely twisty A435 from Cheltenham to Cirencester on my Speed Triple. I'm doing 60-70 and I notice the back end wobbles abit, almost skips through mid-corner, most noticeably when you shift left to right or vice versa across the rough central part of your lane. Cut the speed down or stay on the smooth and it's fine. Tyre pressures are spot on.  The tyres are Michelin Pilot Powers with 2.5K miles. A mate reckons the tyres are getting squared off and the wobble is due the squared 'edge' contacting the road as the bike leans into the corner. That makes sense but how bad do tyres have to be before this happens? And does this mean no more commuting? And do I have to get my knee down on every corner from now on?

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15/06/2008 at 10:56

In a nutshell, yes.

2.5k isn't bad from a rear tyre, such as a Pilot Power. Try a more touring based tyre for the rear next time.

Your local dealer should be able to advise you on whats, what.

15/06/2008 at 22:37

if you run your hand over the tyre, you can easily feel a flat spot on the profile.

it happens. no biggie.

2500 from a pilot power? not too bad. i just changed a supersport rear on my clients bike at 1500.

i get the same problem, with a shimmy on the rear, on my 955.. but that has done 7000 miles stomping up and down the AP7.

one hint.. avon storms.

if you think you need loadsa grip, try an avon viper sport front, matched to a storm rear. i have just fitted this combo to an 04 blade on saturday, after running it on the 955 for over a year.

done track days, hooning twistie days, commuting days... it does everything. they both wear out at about 6 to 7 thou.

thing is.. all tyres feel good for the 1st thousand miles.. its what they are like at the end of their life that counts (bridgestone bt 020's on a 955 being a noticable exception). thats why i run avons, they hold their profile well into their later miles.

if more tyre advice needed that is specific to your triumph, try


and go to the sports section.

sports bikes

but, for christ sake, do a search first.. tyre threads make up about 75% of all thds on this board.

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