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21/02/2011 at 05:39
The people paying and providing the business are those who wish to ride a motorcycle and do so legally, and, perhaps, want to learn something, too, rather than just get the cheapest rate.  £100 a working day in a seasonal job isn't a big income if it's your only source and you're having to pay expenses and taxes from it.

Everyone is entitled to my opinion.
02/11/2011 at 11:47
i would love to be a motorcycle 50 yrs of age an oly lookin for 250 a week live in glasgow.anyone help me?
12/06/2012 at 13:24

I have been instructing now for twenty years, I have had ups and downs, through the years but all of these caused by the Double Standards Agency, (DSA) a complete waste of space. a quango government attached to the government very losely just in case they get in trouble and the government has to blame somebody for its mistakes. Now I chose this as a job when we had or children, The job is wonderful, it is great to see a young lass or lad go from, an excitable giggling mess, to a happy comfortable fairly relaxed rider. All schools would pay better wages if they could afford too, however there is not a great  deal of profit, I have run at a loss for the past ten years, and have taken another job to keep my company, our instructors get paid a fair wage for  what they do and get far more money than I do. Theylove their jobs and we all get on well as a team. I may be the governer but I am just their mate at work and I am happy with that.

in short, dont go into it thinking you will make vast  amounts of money, or be recognised as a great trainer, The DSA will soon put oyu in your place, We will all be gone soon if the DSA have their way. They are incompetent, arrogant, and still owe the government a lot of money. all I will say that in all my years of instructing, i have had pass rate here of about 85-95 per cent. now I have a failure  rate of about 45 per cent. Do the maths and read between the lines. Nuff said


20/01/2013 at 19:35

Sounds to me like it's almost worse than being a car instructor. A colleague of mine sacked off instructing and now makes more driving a bus then he ever did before. He reckons that to earn basic bus wages (39 hours plus a little for shift allowance etc) he'd have to have students for 43 hours a week. That doesn't include a break, time getting between appointments, cancelled lessons, car being off the road etc etc. List goes on. Seems to me like it's a serious risk becoming self employed as a rider/driver trainer. If this is gonna be your only source of income then good luck. If this is going to be your weekend job then it seems training as a football referee will be more rewarding.


There's a bike school near here who use their showroom and garage services o prop up their training.

16/04/2013 at 22:09

I guess pay also depends on where you work.  Saying a school has shit pay but you live and work in a town, you won't get huge amounts of customers as the population isn't a dense as a city.

Local schools round here must work for the love of it,  2 or 3 people A DAY IF YOU ARE LUCKY! 


Its all in perspective

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09/10/2013 at 18:15

Me & my friend have recently just passed our Mod 1's and ready for mod 2. Were thinking of setting up a bike learning school and would love to know exactly how much instructors get paid, What would options would make you choose were you work i.e pay, bike use fuel paid for etc?

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