...a long term test of the FJR1300 from Giles

12 July 2003 at 15:34

Uncertainty soon turns to attraction as the big Zed wins over Bert

12 July 2003 at 15:18

It's a town bike. No, it's a mile-muncher. No, it's a back road missile. No, it's a track tool. Meet the bikes with more split personalities than a room full of schizophrenics

04 July 2003 at 10:44

Welcome to the slightly different world of the great big cruiser with Yamaha's latest (and larger) incarnation of its 1600 Wild Star. Big and shiny it certainly is, but is it any good?

04 July 2003 at 10:33

Probably the most beautiful production bike in the world, can the Mondial Piega-Monza handle as good as it looks? Daryll sneaked through quarantine to test the bike at Monza

04 July 2003 at 10:16

Despite the Tuscany-Tibet name, Aprilia says you are allowed to do Reading-Watford and several other routes too on its new Pegaso. So we found out whether the bike's a dirt monster or one for the roads

04 July 2003 at 10:07

She's clean, discrete, cheap, semi naked or starkers, it's up to you. She'll go all the way and is a great ride. Just call...

03 July 2003 at 16:15

Our Niall gets down and dirty with the KTM 450 EXC

12 June 2003 at 14:52

Shippey lives the dream and spends some time with the H-D V-Rod

12 June 2003 at 14:51

England experts every British sportsbike to do its duty. But can the Daytona
beat the awesome CBR600RR and Kawasaki ZX-6R?

03 June 2003 at 15:40

If pound notes are more important than lap times these 600s offer the best compromise of race replica handling with real world practicality. New and secondhand these still top the sales podium

03 June 2003 at 14:54

Indeed. Relax into the luxurious world of the touring machine as Honda's seminal Wing hitches its skirts and hangs with some twin cylinder company

03 June 2003 at 13:41

Alex Barros has been around for years, but now he and Max Biaggi are the men most likely to topple Valentino Rossi. We talk to the 'old' man of MotoGP...

03 June 2003 at 11:17

The probable causes, and most likely remedies for all your handling troubles

29 May 2003 at 12:37

Learn all you need to know about those vital springs and coils that ensure you have a smooth ride

29 May 2003 at 12:26

Trusted by some of the best teams in the world and rightfully regarded as one of the best men at bike set-up in the world, Niall Mackenzie can suss and sort suspension in seconds. And here's how he does it...

29 May 2003 at 11:51

The WCM team built a Grand Prix bike around the bones of a Yamaha R1 in less than 14 weeks. Niall Mackenzie tests the impressive Harris WCM GP bike

29 May 2003 at 11:18

British MotoGP rookie Chris Burns rides a Grand Prix bike built around the bones of a Yamaha R1 in less than 14 weeks by a British team. Niall Mackenzie tests the impressive Harris WCM GP bike.

22 May 2003 at 17:08

Want pose without a Harley? Want performance without pain? With the cosmopolitan cool of a night at the opera alongside the open road potential of your average sportsbike, Ducati's Monster S4 and Aprilia's Tuono could be just what you need...

19 May 2003 at 11:51

When you absolutely, positively have to go as fast as possible from one point to another there is only one class to turn to. But when the siren goes off is the new GSX-R still the fastest way to get to a nuclear bunker?

19 May 2003 at 11:29

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