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Video: Ducati Panigale vs. Porsche GT2 RS

We head to 2-miles of ex-RAF airfield to see who's got the legs

Ben Cope's picture
Submitted by Ben Cope on Thu, 08/11/2012 - 09:14

In part two of our supercar versus superbike series, we took Ducati's Panigale and Porsche's GT2 RS to Bruntingthorpe to see who had the legs over a 2-mile sprint.

In Part 1 (Ducati Panigale vs. Porsche GT2 RS at the 1/4 mile) the Ducati ripped down the quarter mile in 10.4 seconds, while the Porsche managed 11.7. The bike's lack of weight meant it was easier to fire off the line and get up to speed but as the two crossed the line, the Panigale was approaching its wall, while the GT2RS had only just got going.

So to Bruntingthorpe, an ex-WWII runway as wide as a 12-lane motorway. It's used by manufacturers to test their latest bikes and cars, it's bumpy but so wide that you hardly get a sense of speed - a complete opposite of Santa Pod, where the rubber-coated surface, rear wheel spinning at 130mph and solid-looking barriers took some getting used to...

At Bruntingthorpe, if you've got a fast bike, you can be flat-out from a standstill at the 1-mile mark. All you've got to do is worry about shaking off that fast black Porsche bearing down on you...

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