Versus: Honda PCX125 vs Yamaha X-Max 125

Two popular Japanese executive-style scooters with a huge £1,300 price difference. Can the Yamaha really be worth so much more?

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Which is the the better buy?

Reasons to buy Honda PCX125

Reasons to buy Yamaha X-Max 125

  • It's fuel efficient (130mpg) and also has idle stop technology to lower consumption by a further 5%
  • It handles well, with a sporty chassis
  • At £2600 it's almost £1,300 cheaper than the X-Max
  • The 15" front wheel aids stability (The PCX's is 14")
  • It's got Honda's CBS combined braking system
  • There's under-seat storage for two helmets (the PCX takes one) 
  • It's 45kg lighter than the bulky X-Max 125
  • It offers good weather protection, with a decent screen
  • It's agile and has a low seat height, goof for novice riders
  • It makes nearly 3hp more than the Honda, at 14.1hp.
  • It's styling is modern and distinctively Honda
  • It's got presence, with big-scooter looks

      Price: £2600
      Capacity: 124.9cc
      Power: 11.17hp
      Dry weight: 124.4kg 
      Seat height: 761mm

      Price: £3899
      Capacity: 124cc
      Power: 14.1hp
      Wet weight: 169kg 
      Seat height: 792mm

Our choice: PCX125

The X-Max is a substantial machine for a 125, with good road presence, a powerful, torquey engine and a quality finish. If you’re looking for something a bit sportier and cash isn’t an issue, it could be the right choice.

However, the PCX125 is a convincing package too. It's sophisticated, nippy and practical. And then we come to the price. The X-Max may be better outright but not by £1,300-worth. It's a whole 50% more than the PCX. We think budget is especially important in the practically-minded scooter market and for that reason the Yamaha is outgunned.

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