UK motorcycle club racing calendar by circuit

2012 motorcycle club racing circuits and dates

Posted: 11 April 2012
by Visordown

Last month we published a calendar featuring the major motorcycle club racing series in the UK. To help you easily plot which event to see, we've re-arranged the calendar by each track visited by the clubs and their dates.


June 2-3 Hottrax

June 4 Wirral 100

July 14-15 Derby Phoenix

August 18-19 NG Road Racing

July 28-29 Wirral 100

August 26-27 Thundersport GB (Coastal)

October 20-21 Wirral 100

Brands Hatch

April 14-15, Bemsee (Indy)

July 28-29 Bemsee (GP)

September 29-30 Bemsee (Indy)

Cadwell Park

April 14-15 Derby Phoenix

May 6-7 CMRC

June 23-24 Bemsee

June 30 - July 1 Derby Phoenix

July 14-15 Hottrax

July 28-29 NG Road Racing

August 18-19 Bemsee

September 15-16 Hottrax

September 22-23 Thundersport GB

October 13-14 Derby Phoenix

Castle Combe

September 1 NG Road Racing


August 18-19 Derby Phoenix

Donington Park

May 26-27 Derby Phoenix

June 2-3 NG Road Racing

August 11-12 CRMC

August 25-26 Hottrax

September 22-23 Derby Phoenix

Lydden Hill

June 2-3 CRMC

July 28-29 VRMC

Mallory Park

April 21-22 Thundersport GB

April 29 NG Road Racing

May 13 EMRA

June 30 - July 1 CRMC

July 15 EMRA

September 23 EMRA

October 20-21 Thundersport GB

Oulton Park

April 28 Wirral 100

May 26 Thundersport GB

June 4-5 Bemsee

June 16 Hottrax

June 30 NG Road Racing


May 5-6 Bemsee

May 19-20 NG Road Racing


July 28-29 Thundersport GB


October 13-14 CRMC


April 21-22 Hottrax (300)

June 23-24 Thundersport GB (200)

July 7-8 Bemsee (200)

September 8-9 Bemsee (200)

September 15-16 CRMC

October 20-21 Hottrax (200)


October 6 NG Road Racing

Three Sisters

April 29 Preston & District

June 17 Preston & District

July 14-15 Preston & District

September 8 Preston & District

October 6 Preston & District

Go racing

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Barry Sheen Spent his last years in Australia, we loved him, and he said the reason there is no English rider in GP was because there where too many club champions in England. Once they got called a champion they where satisfied not to race anywhere else ?

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