Turn your son into the next Stoner

You like bikes and you’ve got kids – but what do you do if they show talent on two wheels? Here’s our invaluable guide to propelling your offspring to racing’s elite stratosphere

Posted: 19 April 2010
by Mark Forsyth

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Ask anyone what makes a race champion and the answers are always the same. Speed, style and commitment. A lack of career opportunities (read: distractions) focuses the hunger further. A few years ago I was lucky enough to ride Mick Doohan’s NSR500 at Catalunya and after being blown away by the vicious tear-your-arms-out power delivery I grabbed a coffee with his mum.

Being reasonably new to this children lark I asked her what Mick was like as a child and was pretty stunned by the reply. “Ah, Mick was as thick as pig shit at schooling,” she said without a flicker of sarcasm. It came as a bit of surprise but it got me thinking. According to his mum, all young Michael was interested in was bunking off school to ride bikes. He wasn’t stupid – that’s not what she meant – he just had no interest in anything but riding bikes.

Clearly he wasn’t daft, for here was a multiple World Champion who made deep warmongering psychology something of his own during his unassailable reign. His guile and cunning and subsequent successful business transactions were obviously not the calculated actions of someone ‘as thick as pig shit.’ But how did the prepubescent Doohan go from a normal kid messing around on a field bike into the most fearsome racer Grands Prix have ever seen? Is there a specific formula to follow, and if so how do you set your child on this path so that by the time they’re 20 they’re keeping you in the lifestyle to which you always aspired?

But first, don’t despair if your kid isn’t hitting the highest SATS results. Perhaps there’s another talent worth fostering. And if it’s cultivated in the right way their earning potential could be as gargantuan as Casey’s. Here’s how to tap it...

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missed one step guys

after the mertakit 50' and 70's there is an all new 80 class run by the MRO

this is basicaly the same bike as the 70 but with big wheels...17" and an 80 engine producing 21 BHP at the rear wheel.

this is where the kids get to hone their skills on the UK's full size tracks getting experiance with proper Dunlop GP slick and wets as used on GP125's


Posted: 19/04/2010 at 18:39

Has to be a well policed moto 450 as the replacement stepping stone.

Mark Hanna and I are in the second year of developing and racing one - it really is the only future replacement 125 option for youngsters who want to progress.


Posted: 29/04/2010 at 18:16

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