The most memorable motorcycles

We all remember our favourite bikes, and they usually hold a special place in our heart. But it's not just mortals like us - even racing's elite have a soft spot for the bikes that mean the most to them

Posted: 24 November 2010
by Visordown

The brain holds many memorable events from our lives, including which bikes made an impact burnt in to the memory of their riders.

These bikes only hold a true relevance and meaning to the person that developed the relationship with them, with the attraction instantaneous or built up over time.

Mark Forsyth has over 35 years of riding experience on countless bikes and we'll hand over to him to sum up his three most memorable:

"First up is Doohan’s NSR500 just for its sheer unadulterated terror and violence when you try and ride it even remotely quickly. Yes, it was true, you could pop down to the shops on it, it's low speed running manners were so faultless but up the pace a bit and it'd just try and smash you to bits. I once new a bloke called John Fisher who used to head-butt people's faces, pebble dash walls (and probably his mother) and mainline anything he could get his hands on (sherry was his favourite intravenous tipple). He was pretty violent but looked like Mother Theresa alongside alongside HRC's finest ever 500cc two-stroke.

"I flew to the other side of the World to ride the V1000 and lived with its creator for a week. It wasn't a disappointment. For a dozen blokes working out of an old railway sidings building, the Britten V1000 was World class and made even a factory Ducati of the time look a bit pedestrian. It was so adjustable, in a just a few minutes you could make it steer like a BMX bike or Dennis Hopper's Harley chop. What a noise it made.

"250GP bikes are my all time favourite handling creations. Telepathic steering, minimal weight and ferocious corner speed. Just beautiful. The oh-so-pretty 550cc Ducati Supermono managed to combine this characteristic of near perfect weight distribution, immense corner speed and impeccable feedback and manners but with a super-smooth desmo motor that made a mockery of anything else around at the time in that class. My biggest regret is that I didn't buy one before the prices went through the roof..."

Continue as we asked some of racing's elite on their three most memorable bikes. First is Kevin Schwantz

After you've read the choices of racing's famous, please tell us about your most memorable bikes in the comments below.

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Kevin Schwantz

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3.2000 GSXR 750

2.MV AGUSTA F4 1000

1.2005 GSXR 1000 

Posted: 26/04/2011 at 19:14

An awful 650 TriBSA bought for £70 in 1968
An almost brand new Triumph T120 Bonneville bought a few months later for £299 [on HP]
1975 saw me on a brand new Kawasaki Z1
1978 and a brand new Laverda Mirage was mine
2004 and I got my first Harley, a 1200 sportster then the following year I chopped it in for a new Dyna Superglide Custom [magic]
A second hand Hayabusa joined the Dyna in my garage a few months later.
In all I've owned something like 55 bikes and scooters in the 46 years since I got my first provisional licence in 1966 and I hade happy memories of almost all of them, those listed above are the most memorable. I now potter about on a 2007 Bonneville which will probably be my last bike before I either drop dead or hang up my leathers for the last time and you know what? I love that Bonnie just as much as any of the ones that came before.

Posted: 07/11/2012 at 09:39

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