Headlight Offenders

Drivers habits that annoy me, this time it's about headlights

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Submitted by Ben Cope on Tue, 25/10/2005 - 00:43

Just one more thing that annoys me...

As bikers we all like to think we're in the top league when it comes to road skills. I know I'm not because I throw myself down the road with regular irregularity and well, lots of you have seen me on rideouts. But there's one thing that winds me up more than anything and it happened to me last night, so while it's fresh on my mind, I thought I'd scribble it down.

There I was, riding along an open, fast country road in the dark. I'm getting a lick on (well, I'm losing the bloke in the ShopMobility cart, anyway) the road is rising, while curving around to the right. Headlights from an oncoming car appear, clearly on full beam.

I'm still momentarily on full beam myself, but I knock the throttle back a touch and flick off full beam. Now the car's about 300 metres away, I'm doing 80 and we're fast approaching each other. His full beam is burning out my retinas and working out where the road is going is becoming little more than a hazardous guess. We're now around 200 metres apart and I'm considering reverting back to full-beam but just as I think about it, the car's beam dips and with it I can see the edge of the road that I'm a little too close to. We're just about to pass each other and then the car driver pulls out the biggest cunt's trick going, about 10 metres before we pass, Captain Clueless whacks his full beams on, it was like the start of a Quo concert, nothing but clinical white light bouncing around my visor and I can't see anything.

It may be a small thing but it's so very annoying. It makes me want to turn around, catch up with the offender and run them through a small but very petty discussion on why they feel the need to hold onto full-beam like it's a game of chicken and then blind me, for no apparent reason. Does it make them feel powerful? Does it make them a winner? And I hate to say this, believe me I do, but often the worst offenders are driving 4x4s, SUVs or whatever they're called this year.

My solution? Repeat offenders shouldn't be allowed headlight bulbs in their car, meaning they can't go out at night. Well, if they can't use them properly...

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