10 of the Best: Kevlar jeans

Stay stylish and safe whilst riding, check out these Kevlar jeans

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Submitted by rgo on Thu, 23/08/2012 - 09:50

Denim and motorcycling have gone hand-in-hand since the days of the Rockers in the late 60s and Kevlar jeans go one better for keeping you protected in a spill than a pair of Levis.

Looking like regular denim jeans on the outside, internally they are lined with abrasion resistant material and are often held together with tough stitching to keep them from tearing up as you slide down the tarmac.

We’ve pulled together 10 of the best and most stylish motorcycle jeans priced between from £69.99 to £199.99 that have the appearance of regular denim and feature Kevlar lining, pockets to insert armour and when available CE-approved protection.

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