Top 10 supermotos

The wild childs of the motorcycle world, here is a countdown of our top 10 favourite supermotos

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Submitted by Visordown on Wed, 07/09/2016 - 17:10

Top 10 Supermotards

The ratio of fun : price arguably goes towards supermotos, essentially an offroad bike with the knobblies replaced by road tyres and the suspension stiffened and lowered.

Motards vary between the out and out lairy machines for short blasts or ideal of a daily commute.

Here are the top 10 supermotos from the off the shelf to the super special.

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Why include 2 KTMs which are virtually identical and leave out an entire marque - CCM?

Having owned both a KTM Duke II and a CCM R30 644, I prefer the latter now that I've jetted it.

Dunno why am bothering to comment tho. VD has jumped the shark.

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