Top 10 must haves for the ideal workshop

Any of these on your dream workshop list?

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Make life easy

EVERYONE'S GOT their own idea of what they'd like to see in their 'perfect workshop' - things that make any maintenance job that much more enjoyable.

With that in mind, we've asked around the industry for the things that the pros would like to see in their ideal workshop, other than good quality tools - here's the Top 10 items that proved most popular:

Hydraulic workbench:

If you've worked on your motorcycle in the past then you've probably spent some of your time grovelling around on a cold floor, trying to adjust your chain, change a wheel or locate a hidden sump plug.

Check out any professional motorcycle garage workshop and you'll almost certainly find one or more hydraulic benches commanding centre stage. They're easy to use, can be operated on your own and can be bought new for around £400, or considerably less on the secondhand market. What's more, the bench brings your machine up to the perfect height to work on your machine, before gracefully lowering to the floor once the job's done. Just ensure you tie-strap your machine to the bench before lifting for added security.

Ideal for those with a bad lower back.

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