Top 10 Hardest Rides Of All Time

The top ten riders who against injured continued battling on to inspiring acts of courage

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By Gordon Ritchie on Mon, 19 Apr 2010 - 03:04

Bike racing, in its dozens of forms and shapes, is always a hard man’s sport. By definition, merely covering yourself in cow skin, plonking a helmet on your head and then pushing the limits around every single corner you encounter on something with no safety whatsoever can hardly be a pastime for softies. Put the inhuman desire for championship wins and manufacturer tribalism into the mix and the pressure to perform, no matter what, makes the whole business even tougher again.

It therefore attracts people with the kind of grit, bravery and determination that in wartime would make them candidates for a Victoria Cross.

The 10 hardest rides of all time? Well shit, that’s a toughie. In placing only 10 rides out of tens of thousands of superhuman displays thus far in motorcycling history into a single feature like this is a tough task. For starters, were we all to name our most notable 10 hardest rides, we would all come out with different ideas, different eras and totally different results.

You will notice we have purposefully excluded some rides against the odds that resulted in riders paying the ultimate price, or suffering true career ending injuries. That, I believe, has no place in a feature meant as a celebration of the human spirit, its ability to overcome through sheer valour and endurance. Even if all some of them got for their gutsy displays was another step closer to losing over a season. So here they are, the 10 hardest rides of all time. Prepare to disagree!

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